Dusk: Ire

*dusts off cobwebs*

Due to technical difficulties, we have run here tonight. Can’t keep our hungry readers waiting for dinner indefinitely. Enjoy LOL



How do we measure a year?
Dear MMXIV, I measure you in Growth.
I am the girl of 2013 with a lot more direction, focused energy and drive.
2014 has taught me dedication, trust and the importance of speaking up.

I’m still Miss Impulsive.
Don’t get it wrong.
But  just know that I put some powerful thinking into that split second.



A wa yin o, Olorun wa
A wa je wo re pe,
Iwo l’Oluwa.

For a long time, I did not like “ancient” praise songs. Why can’t we be yuppy (I can’t believe I just said yuppy) and cool and catchy and…

I cannot describe this year without throwing my praise all-the-way back.

The year of Our Lord
As all other years have been,
as all other years will be.

This year… I found a career path.
After 4 years of Uni and 4 years of doing “Any Work”, I finally found the path. I feel fulfilled, I never espered it. Do you know how frustrating it is to be asked the question “So, what do you want to do?” and your answer is a blank stare + the word “Everything”?

Confession: I am working on reviving my memory and I am going through all my GTalk Chats with Sir

What did I learn this year?

This too shall pass.

It feels like you’re drowning in all of it.
You’re not sure of the steps to take.
People are hovering and throwing their seasoned advice at you.
You thought you knew what you wanted.
But, you’re not so sure anymore.
You thought it would turn out this way,
But, something is wrong.
No, quite a number of things are wrong.
You try to explain it.
All you get is “I understand”
And you’re trying to scream and say
“No, you don’t understand”.

This too shall pass.

The uncertainty, the fear, the disappointments.
The shadows, the nightmares.
These too shall also pass.

The pain, oh, the yards and bundles of pain.
This too shall pass.

You see how this post looks joinjoin,
Na as e dey come, I dey write am.

It is my birthday today.

God is good.

I wish I could list my blessings on here…

I am stronger.
I am healthier.
The stench of death is far from me.
I am alive and well.

To Mama Joy, the african diva, thank you for being a light unto my path.
To Ademisola, my sunburst.
To Rhai, my moonbeam.
To Nene, my sweet shower of rain.
Thank you for being there for me.
To Aunty Nnenna, you have been a lifesaver. May the good Lord reward you.
To Sweetie & Adenike, thank you for the encouragement and inspiration.
To my men, Tunde, Juke, Harry, Osahon… You guys are awesome.
To Room 114, there’s nothing like family. Nothing at all.
To Ademilayo, I pray you’ll grow to realise how much you’ve meant to me since your birth.
To my Family, thank you for being.
To Ade Mi, your farts still stink and I’m still here. Lezz be thankful, abeg. 

I love you all.

To Him who sits on the throne…
Be blessings and glory and honour and power forever.


Amen and Amen. We enjoyed the joinjoin post and are glad to see another member of the #Grateful movement. Happy birthday Vivi.

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