Naijahusband vs. Highlandblue

So many people have asked me if I’m Naijahusband. Well, Eloho my friend thinks it’s absurd that anyone would think so. Here’s her argument. Enjoy


Good day Mr Moderator, Panel of Judges, Accurate Time Keeper, My Esteemed Readers and my very able co debaters, I am here today to argue against the motion that “Naijahusband (NH) is the same person as Uncle Efe.

Whilst not a few people on these WordPress and Twitter streets have put forward several propositions, adducing to the fact that NH and Uncle Efe are one and the same person, for reasons I am about to present herewith, I wish to present a contrary position and I hope that at the end of my summation, I would have been able to present a superior argument as to how both persons are not one and the same and convinced us all to adopt this superior argument as well.

I am quite aware that some persons maintain well-managed Twitter persona, contrary to their real offline personalities and are able to present oftentimes unconnected projections of themselves to other tweeps with whom they carry out consistent interactions. But I opine that the skill is quite rare and with time, one is actually what they tweet.The tweets convey some weight, and a reflection to some extent of who the handlers really are. It may be very well managed as has been discovered around here in recent times, but to a large extent, over a measured period, each individual is their tweet/blog posts.

I assert that Uncle Efe is not Naijahusband for the following reasons

First, Uncle Efe is clearly of the Niger Delta extraction, first by reason of his name and then by reason of his expression and background to which he adduces quite often. He is someone who likely was schooled somewhere in the ‘Bendel’ region. Naijahusband is clearly of the Yoruba extraction and NaijaWife (NW) adduced to same without any equivocation in her post ‘In Sickness and in Health’ . It is unlikely that NH has spent much time in the Bendel zone.

Secondly, Uncle Efe resides in the Oil City of Port Harcourt as his traffic analysis via his tweets would reveal. NH likely resides in Abuja, seeing as his posts never seem to reflect the bustle of Lagos and considering that it takes him relatively few minutes to get to work as is reflected in his Shower post.

Thirdly, Uncle Efe is a more extroverted character, often times introducing conversations or being involved in conversations with an effervescent personality. NH is more introverted, deep and introspective as his tweets and posts reveal.

Fourthly, NH is rarely on the Twitter street corners, and when he is there, he is deliberate, responds to a few tweets and appears as though he can’t wait to sign out and meet his friends via his blog. Uncle Efe is here sometimes from early in the day and has a very visible twitter presence. He creates conversations from random tweets and tweets during the day. A rarity for NH except when there is a new post.

NH is clearly not a very ‘whatsup’ guy. He may not know who the latest star on the streets is and like NaijaWife’s tweets present,  he is very comfortable knowing some things last especially where they concern random events like a movie star or a pop star. Uncle Efe is clearly more hands on as definitely reflected in his tweets. Uncle Efe may be a PS4 playing guy who has no challenge spending some time taking on another guy playing games. NH may likely be the footie watching, no games guy.

On another note, clearly, Uncle Efe and NH both share aligned family values amidst other very admirable traits which are likely premises for the position of my opposition, but their language is very different. NH is formal oftentimes with a dash of rich humour whilst Uncle Efe is consistently more informal and vivacious on twitter. NH is way more expressive behind the lines that his posts present; shinning the most through his posts whilst NW reflects a more public facing tweet persona for the streets.

I hope with these very few points of mine, I have been able to convince and not confuse you that NH and Uncle Efe are not one and the same person, on twitter or off twitter.

Thank you.


Any opposing arguments? LOL

There may be a rejoinder argument to this later today or tomorrow 🙂

27 thoughts on “Naijahusband vs. Highlandblue

  1. I never thought they were the same person, but thanks for the insight. You are a very observant person.

  2. ranchosblog says:

    We don’t believe you. You need more people.

    Uncle Efe = Naija husband (or at least a very close approximation).

    Thanks and God bless.

  3. BishopAde says:

    I have to agree with this!

  4. Anonymous says:

    LOL. This is funny

  5. anon says:

    I go with eloho….NH is introverted…..and I’m pretty sure NH is a yoruba man..If they are the same ppl then NH is a master of impersonation

  6. *claps for her*…LOL
    First, the similarity between ’em has never crossed my mind.
    I have always even thought NH&NW live abroad.

    Interesting post though. 😀

  7. The Clarion says:

    LOL! Like, for real? I read some posts that made me think NH=HLBlue but other posts (and tweets) have made me change my opinion. They have similar principles though, but I think NH is nicer :|, but far more introverted. Has anyone tried to count Efe’s tweets/min? Whew!!!

  8. Femi says:

    Is ”adduce” a new word for the writer?

  9. Ovokpus says:

    Are you who I think you are?

  10. Ronnie O'tega says:

    Interesting argument!
    But shouldn’t we just kidnap NW and force her to tell us though?
    Amean, she’s got to know if they’re the same…right?

  11. moskeda says:

    Erm…never even considered any connection but to be honest, the above argument, although convincing with obvious proof, doesn’t stop NH from being Uncle Efe. I, for one run a twitter account that has nothing whatsoever to do with me. I don’t even retweet my blog posts there and I don’t follow my original Twitter handle. It is that easy to be someone else on the net.
    So I think, it’s plausible that Uncle Efe and NH can be the same person. Very plausible.

  12. ImpurfectHer says:

    I never thought they were the same person tho.

  13. Mcbeechee says:

    I totally agree that people are their tweets…even with time

  14. […] favourite posts however, are the ones for and against the motion that Uncle Efe is Naija Husband. No matter how many times I read the “for” I […]

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