Midnight Surprise: Jason


There’s a Stephen King story, about a man who finds a finger crawling out of his sink. At the end, having looked in the face of horror and driven to the verge of insanity, the man asks a question and receives the answer.
“Why,” he asks, “Do bad things happen to good people?”

2013 had a lot of pain inside it.

At the start of the year, some impish devil curled up behind my right ear and whispered: this will be the year that breaks itself across your back.
I found that very poetic. And also distressing.
So I shrugged it off, and braced myself. 

Time and again this year, I could feel the great weight bearing down on me. The great tide flinging itself again and again against me, the eternal wheel rolling to crush me in its spokes.
And me, one single solitary human being bearing up under the weight. Adrift in the middle of chaos. Treading water, straddling air. 

But all that activity turned out to be hardly as important as it sounds.

The most important part of this year, if I am to be honest, is that I loved a girl.
Some people are lucky and meet someone they can love for the rest of their lives. A standard by whom all other loves will stand or fall. The one great true love of their lives.
She is mine.

And though the year was full of pain, there she was in the middle: the recurring theme, the plot holding the madness together, the thread woven through the patchwork of the ragged quilt.

And when I look back at 2013, it is her face I see. Painted over the angry swirls and whorls.
And for this, I am truly grateful.

Books I enjoyed: 
Terry Pratchett’s DiscWorld Series, Joseph Heller’s Catch 22, Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy, Isaac Asimov’s End of Eternity and Foundation Series, Max Broooks’ Zombie Survival Guide.

Movies I enjoyed: 
Man of Steel, Olympus has Fallen.

TV Shows I got into:
Dexter, Walking Dead, Arrested Development

Unutterable feats of awesomeness performed
Many. All unutterable

Things I lost: 
My way, on a visit to my brother’s.
1 blackberry phone charger
1 blackberry phone (found later found at my brother’s)
1 pair of slippers (they were a gift. If you took them, know I will find you and exact my revenge)

Lessons learned:
Not to fall asleep during a serious conversation with a lady. It does not become the amusing anecdote you hope it will.

Not to go for premier of ANY Nigerian movie, especially one your friend invites you to. Not only will you have a miserable time, you will be unable to complain about it.

To fight for what I want.

Number of new friends I made:

Number of New Friends made I am currently Avoiding:

Number of times I said sorry:
> 800 and counting

Number of hours spent wondering if a zombie apocalypse could really happen and planning what to do in the event thereof

Most Apt Quote of 2013
“This life…is just a pot of beans.”

Saddest thing about 2013
I felt the pain of losing life. 3 times.

Worst Song I Listened To
WTF – Etcetera
Truly a horrible song. I encourage everyone to listen to it.


Oh yes. About that man and his question.
“Why”, he asked, “Do bad things happen to good people.”

And the answer he came up with -which is the best answer on this issue I have found- is this: Because they can.
Quite simple really, when you think on it.

The imp was right.
This was the year that broke itself across my back.
The year that broke. 
Not me.

And looking back I can see: the important thing is to love. and Live. And not lose faith.
Even when this life is nothing but a pot of beans.


This life is a pot of beans, but some beans are on top in the pot.

9 thoughts on “Midnight Surprise: Jason

  1. bshaba says:

    I like this, i like how you told the story, i like how you relate pain with gratitude knowing that it was the year that broke and not you. i like the time this got posted, i’ll be smiling in my sleep cos i’m happy that there’s a Jason who found love amidst pain and sorrow and is standing tall. Keep the candles burning bro.

  2. walexemma says:

    I loved this. So simple So apt.

  3. shangytee says:

    I absolutely loved this post. God bless you.

  4. I do not know about the other guys, but, this is about my best memoir this year on here. Maybe it’s because of the poetry or it’s the light humor splattered all around. No pun intended.

    Life really is best enjoyed when it is coupled with living and loving. People never seem to realize how difficult it is to actually live. To live with fulfillment. To live. Not just drift.

    Meanwhile, we determine what kind beans our life would be filled with. To each his own. May I recommend Ewa Agoyin. *fades*

  5. Tobi says:

    Looool. Enjoyed reading this.

  6. Ute says:

    Thank you for reminding me why I mustn’t touch the Stephen King novels staring at me. >_<

  7. tiana says:

    Number of times I burst into laughter while reading this: 2

  8. No of months between the date of this post and when I’m reading it: 1

    I liked this a lot.. Good writing..

  9. Jk_McDazzles says:

    Number of months between the date of this post and when I’m reading it: 5

    I liked this post a lot. . Good writing. .

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