Finale Part 3: Tokunbo

Dear Suliat,
Thank you. Thank you for letting go. I told you how I didn’t believe in the idea of holding on to someone who doesn’t also want to hold you, no matter how good holding that person feels. So I’m grateful you shared that vision with me. It was hard not to be bitter at first. But I see what to be grateful for now. So thank you. I’m glad we can still be friends… but not right now though. Hope you understand. Surely you must.
I wish you much, much happiness :*

Dear Pops,
I love you. Despite that day in February. I’ve always wished we could have a better relationship, always hoped something could be savaged there. That day nearly left me hopeless though. Nearly left me with a validation and justification for the actions I was being (unjustly) crucified for. Nearly. But no, regardless of how much time has passed and how much water has flowed under the bridge, I choose to believe it can be better. It will be. I love you 🙂

Yo, Nigerian borders,
I conquered you. Finally. Twice! Haha. You thought you could keep me entrapped, abi? Una no reach! God pass y una! Many might not see how much of a deal this is, but you and I know, don’t we? You know wassup. *wink* Those trips were eye opening and educative in ways that watching DSTV and reading international magazines were insufficient for. And that was just the beginning, more victories coming soon… Buahahaha! 😀

Dear Career,
This was a good year, wasn’t it? A year of plenty slack finally being cut for us. Several highs, several lows. Never mind that that slack has at the moment been gathered back so rapidly, that all there is is a very tight noose threatening to cut off the oxygen. Never mind that at all. We’ll sail through these travails, surf these rapids like we in the little children’s rubber pool in the backyard. God’s got us.

My homie MrBigTyme,
(I never did get what it was about the moniker you liked, but issolrai, so long as you like it, issokay) You the best, my nigga. Thank you for picking me from and dropping me from the airport and for being such a great host. Thank you for your patience where I was (and still have been) so utterly unreliable. Thank you for staying reliable and understanding. Thank you for staying my friend. I owe you Big Tyme. (See what I did there? Hehe)

Hey RavA,
My darling wifey. (I need to rename you though. Or do I? *shrug*) We’ve been through too many bumps for the rather short length of our marriage. You’ve spent too much time away from my arms and I accept the responsibility I bear in this. Don’t worry, I promise to be a better lover going forward. No more inflicting scratches and scrapes. No more leaving you in the arms of another man. No more oversights.

My Nostalgians,
Sorry for not paying as much attention to you as I did to Art Stories, but you sha know where priorities lie. Don’t worry, you guys will binge this January and then… Hehe. You guys will be fine jor.

Hallo Olo,
You’re a sprig of solace in spring. Thank you, for waltzing into my life when you did. I recognize the rarity and high value of the kind of friendship we have and I promise to never devalue it. But this friend zone you threw me into is so sticky and hot, I’m not complaining sha. Issolgud. You are loved. *hugs*

Dear Tools and Wol-E,
Thank you for the platform. Even now, a year after, I marvel at how consistent and on-point you both always are. I said I’d write and I wrote, I just wasn’t nearly as reliable as I could have been. Despite all the challenges, I will be though. Thank you so much for understanding. We’re doing a powerful thing here and I’m just glad to be a part of it.

Dear Wallet,
*breaks down in tears* This was not the plan o. You know, abi? *sniff* I know we had hopes and dreams but this was not the plan. you were supposed to be much fatter than this *sigh* Oh well. E go beta. E musto beta.

Dear Good friends,
If I start mentioning names now, I won’t stop. But I’ll start. Nah, I wont. Ok, small. Kelv, Vick, Tomi, Ibukun, Bukky, Tosin, Rah, Moyin, Bule, Qama, Kola, Ore, Jegzy, Kunle, Lolia. Thank you for being there this year. I love y’all.

Dear Toxic,
You’re amazing and I know you know. But try harder. You know you can do more, better. Folk keep telling you, stop disappointing them. Show them the son of whom you are.

Baba God,
I love you so much. I know say I nor try this year. I nor try at all. I know say nor be to dey do new year resolution, but even doe me and you take as we take understand awasef, I dey talk am now say I go try better from now forward. Thunder faya my yansh if I misbehave (I dey play o! But I dey serious too sha…) X_x


And there you have it from Tokunbo, a farewell letter to the citizens of 2013. Looking forward to meeting the new actors in the 2014 life drama.

Thank you all for coming along with us on this journey. It’s been painful, refreshing, bittersweet, encouraging, honest and downright uplifting as a whole. I’m honoured to have been your messenger and editor through it all this month. I hope, if you haven’t already done so, that you get the chance to sit down and review what you did in 2013, what happened to you and how you reacted and changed and grew as a result.

God bless you all. Happy New Year 2014. Much love

*bows awkwardly, walks stiffly off the stage*

18 thoughts on “Finale Part 3: Tokunbo

  1. Timiebix says:

    Walks away stiffly he said hehehehehe! You should’ve broken in your shoes before na 😛

    Thank you for the amazing experience!
    God bless and keep you. You will continually be a source of inspiration.
    Happy new year.

  2. Ebun Oluwole says:

    Aww! And finally it ends.

    Happy new year. Enjoyed every bit of it.

  3. My favorite. Looks like there were quite a number of break ups this year though. All the best Tokunbo

  4. Platinum Member, 'siddon look' twitter says:

    ”I didn’t believe in the idea of holding on to someone who doesn’t also want to hold you, no matter how good holding that person feels” <—— i am still finding very hard to learn/accept this *sigh* 😦 but it feels good …… SMH. Wish you the very best in 2014! You seem like an amazing person… 🙂 and thank you for allowing me borrow your design, i'm rocking it well as promised! 😀

  5. Ehfaghn says:

    Thank you, Tokunbo. Your listening, teaching and refusal to judge one so judgemental has taught me so much more and helped me be a better person and friend.
    Thank you for becoming family. Now you’re stuck with us bruh. Muahajajajaajjajajaa.

  6. Ibukun says:

    Honored to call you ‘friend’. Love you, babes

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