Dusk: Toyin

When I wrote my 2012 review (HERE), I was so looking forward and very excited about the new year. However with the arrival of 2013, I was in what I would call a “bleh” mode. I couldn’t be bothered about the new year because it was already looking hopeless from day one. I just wanted to remain in my dark place away from the world and the troubles around me. However this year turned out to be better than I expected. 2013 can be summed up under the following God: family, love, personal goals.

2013 showed me that God actually listens. Made a random list at the end of last year of things I wanted in the new year, before mid year. Guess what, He came through before the first quarter was over. I call this year my year of pleasant surprises because He surprised me countless times and really made me understand that he cares and is always there no matter what. I might not be where I want to be spiritually, (my fault, asking for grace to perdure) but I have come to know how priceless having a relationship with Him is.

The love I had for my family got tested a lot this year. It was strained to the last inch of it. Love my folks a lot but they really pushed me to the edge this year. I felt so weighed down at some point that I considered running away. I had to pick sides at times, and somehow I hated each one of them at one point or the other this year, my father and brothers especially. It seemed my family was going to be torn apart and I didn’t care because I felt it was for the best. But as always we got through, as we have been doing for the past 27 years of its existence.
My mum, I love you with my whole being. Thank you for the love, trust and responsibilities you bestowed upon me this year, it has gone a long way in building the woman I am today.

The highlight of my year has got to be my love life. Last year, Efe commented on the lack of this in my review. I didn’t mention it then because it was not existing. It had crashed and didn’t look like it was going to be revived in the nearest future. After giving up on love and abandoning everything that has got to do with it, it sought me out – Via twitter. (He who says twitter is a joke knows not what he says). I have never known so much happiness could exist with one person. The last 9 months+ have been the best days of my life. You have being the best brother, friend, lover, teacher and companion any girl could ask for. Can’t believe that long distance could work for me, this has being the true test of my character. (It still sucks by the way, *rme) I pray God gives us forever because I would love to spend it with you because my life without you is a life void of warmth (don’t want to ever know what it feels like). Thank you Ayanfe for believing in me, us and our future together.

I hoped to achieve a lot this year. Probably would have started my fashion business, written a couple of exams, carried out a couple of personal projects, had a particular amount saved up this year. To be honest I didn’t achieve any of this. Infact not even close in any way.

However, I learnt so many other things. In so many ways I feel I have grown and matured this year.
I learnt that no one is and can ever be equal to God in my life and now I always have to acknowledge Him.
I learnt that family is EVERYTHING. Enlarge your heart to accommodate their mistakes and shortcomings, forgive and forget easily, and relish the good times you have together. Life is too short to hold grudges.
I learnt love takes a lot of commitments, responsibility and dedication. However it is so beautiful, that you will do your best to keep it if it is genuine and mutual.

I learnt I have no strength of my own, no connections that matter, therefore I have to depend on HE who holds the keys to the hearts of kings to do what only he can do.

I have no high hopes for 2014, just to be a better woman, stronger believer, better daughter, sister, girlfriend. Also hope to start drinking more water, and live healthier… Lol

Cheers to a good year….


Everything you said about enlarging your heart to accommodate and love your family and friends is true. Toyin, we love you too. Thank you very much for this

3 thoughts on “Dusk: Toyin

  1. Esan says:

    Awesome… 2014 will be a better year IJN

  2. @eloxie says:

    Lovely. The lessons you learned are very timeless too. Thanks for sharing and here’s to a 2014 that is your best year yet and that I mean in every possible way. 🙂

  3. Jk_McDazzles says:

    Like I say these days, no matter how annoying your family and friends are, in the long run, people are better than no people..

    And hmmn.. The no of people finding happiness on twitter keeps increasing.. Cheering you on..

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