Day 23: Rolayo

2013 was AWESOME!!!
But  before I go into the details,  I want to thank Uncle Efe for this platform and avenue to think and reflect on all what life has brought our way in the course of a calendar year. I am grateful.

Back to my review.

I had a wonderful year folks. In 2012, I had a lot of disappointing moments but I learnt to let go and trust God.  You know what they say,  what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

On the second day of the year, I entered into a relationship with a friend of six years and a best friend of a year. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  In fact I think it explains why the rest of the year turned out as it did. I blame you Olumi.

Also in January, I started writing for my school’s students website. I enjoyed the response I got and although it was shortlived. I still don’t know what happened at that end but hey,  everything happens for a reason.

I had the best Valentine’s gift in this my short life. I had my friends using me as point of contact. Lol.

School was a cruise, I was away from the preying eyes of Dental school lecturers and getting a taste of the ward rounds and late nights in Accidents & Emergencies that my colleagues in Medicine go through. I actually enjoyed it. I didn’t enjoy Pathology and Pharmacology posting though,  I still think it’s the most unfair exam in this training,  but I don’t call the shots, do I?
I got my one-man room! Okay, it’s an exchange – student’s room,  but still.  I love having my own space and privacy.  It gets lonely sometimes and I usually leave the TV on so I can hear other voices in the room.

The strike was a much needed break for me. A lot of people complained and grumbled and put blames on the two parties,  I on the other hand,  discovered myself during the six-months break. 
This year, I got my biggest writing break through the help of a great friend.  I became a contributor for Bella Naija. My blog suffered as a result of this though, but I still got good traffic on it thankfully.  Also,  a lot of other doors were opened as a result of this one door. A magazine I wrote  for earlier in the year decided to sly me and my work didn’t get published. Post-BN, they come asking me to write for them again. They are still on my waiting list.

I also got shortlisted for a Samsung writers’ competition. I realized that politics isn’t for me, I really can’t go through the stress of convincing people to vote for me. I didn’t win. No regrets though. When one door shuts, another one opens. A great uncle got me an equivalent of the prize.

I got to do one of my dream jobs. I worked in a restaurant as a chef. Okay,  not that glorified, but I actually got to experience the thrill of cooking on demand. I learnt a lot of new dishes,  made new friends and added an extra detail to my resume. So I can be doctor, freelance writer and chef. Day by day, I really don’t know what I’m going to end up doing, but I’ll just keep trusting God to show me the way in which I should go.

Few weeks into the year,  both my parents were jobless. My father retired two years ago and my mother quit her job January 11. I felt weak when I got her text.  She said everything was going to be fine. She was right, but it wasn’t by her power. God came through for us.  She got a better business, she’s more relaxed  too.  Also,  things have been tense for almost two years and I really had to take my stand as a priest over my household.  My prayers got answered this month,  things have really eased out and I know this is just the beginning.

My big sis got engaged and also got called for her residency post this year.  We’ve waited so long for this and He makes all things beautiful in His time.
I got a niece, Moyosore Zoe,  this year.  She made me believe in love at first sight. I also got another cousin she’s yet to be named though. I didn’t appreciate the miracle of a baby being born until a few weeks back when I lost an acquaintance and her baby during child birth. Now I don’t take it for granted.

I also learnt not to judge people. Who am I to judge another man’s servant? Until you are in the person’s shoes,  you really have no idea what it’s like.

My little brother graduated top of his class from secondary school.  I watched in admiration as my sweetheart gave his Head Boy’s speech. I know he’s going to make us all proud.

I cut my hair! I finally summoned the courage to  after a lot of deliberation.  I realized a lot of people didn’t even know what my real hair looked like cause it was always covered up in one style or the other. I’m loving my new look and the feeling that comes with pouring water on my head.

I think this has to be the most disjointed post in this series.  Forgive me.  I had low moments but in hind-sight I really can’t place a finger on any one.  And it’s only going to get better.

So for 2013, I’m taking my five loaves of bread,  breaking them and giving thanks and I’m trusting the Big Man in charge to multiply my blessings till I don’t have room enough in my barn in 2014.


Rolayo is a woman of many parts (Doctor, freelancer, chef…. yeah not billionaire, Playboy, philanthropist but close LOL). You should get to know her people 🙂


11 thoughts on “Day 23: Rolayo

  1. Pulchae says:

    I’ll love to know her. Can you have her mail me, – this has been my best post so far this series. Somehow the chords connected

  2. Pulchae says:

    Reblogged this on Scarlet Letter and commented:
    I really enjoyed reading this on 19th Street, I had to share.

  3. Mimsy says:

    I really love this.
    You are in charge of your life. You do What makes you happy. You are young and living life to the fullest. I like you already.
    I wish you a greater 2014. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ute says:

    Awesome 2013 indeed. Have an even better 2014.

  5. BIG GRIN!!!! Awesome year!!

  6. I am inexplicably happy

  7. @eloxie says:

    Lovely! That’s the only way to describe your 2013.
    Quite a refreshing mix of the good, the beautiful, the could be betters and the lessons I’ve learned. 2014 will be way better than you even expect. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. hrh7 says:

    A happy post. I wish you a happier 2014.

  9. LASH says:

    I wonder who the Olumi is. Sounds like a nice guy. Thanks for sharing your story with us and it would only get better in Jesus name.

  10. Jk_McDazzles says:

    This post seemed to have been written in so much rush.. I kept thinking “she must be cooking and studying her doctor books all at once right now”..

    It was a happy post nonetheless, and I do think you had a fab year.. Cheers..

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