Day 16: Alexandria

Somewhere in Eastern Nigeria.

*Inserts Deep quotes*

Okay originally, I had written something really really long, where I poured my heart out. Later, when I re-read it, it was too sappy and pity-inducing, so I tore the pages up and started this.

I’m going to assume I’m stronger than I used to be and maybe, wiser. Efe was right, what I really needed, before writing this, was to talk to somebody, anybody, about everything, and let the bitterness go. Well, I eventually did. Yay me!

First, I sat back and thought about it thoroughly, and realized that this year was made up of the effects other people’s actions had on me, and how I reacted to them, and so I decided.

I was going to write this review based on them. I came across a lot of people this year, so I’ll put out names in order of events and hope they get to see it.


To Chuck, I should call you, ‘The Hammer’. Thank you for a waste of five months. For duping and almost getting me arrested in the end. For the lies, my goodness, the lies! Even down to your age? Thank you.

To my family, who though they looked at me with faces of disappointment, sometimes, helped me get back on my feet.

To Olumide, your thoughtfulness amazes me. You notice even the littlest details of my emotions. I’m grateful to have you as my friend.

To Jeff, The K.O. Lol. You tried to finish what ‘Hammer’ started. Thank you for the emotional abuse, the cheating, the verbal assault. Sorry Sir, I no longer have a psychological imbalance o. For the lies about everything you said you were and everything people think you are, Daalu.

To my best friends; Ebuka, Ugo, Veronica, and Joan. You guys are my rock. You know how difficult it has been.

To Sookie, Biola, Vikki, Desola, Mfon, Banke and Obafuntay who stopped me from taking my life in August, I really do not know what I was thinking. Thank you so much.

To Ezinne Kalu, you had to make matters worse and die on me. No heads up. Taking my god-child with you, also. Rest in Peace, my sister.

To all the stupid firms that invite me for tests and interviews and have not called me back. Na Only God go judge Una. Nonsense.

To Jibola, whom I met the day I was free from bondage, and who has taught me a thing or two about the word. You have shown me a part of me that scares me.

To Ore, who walked into my life and fled from it (there must have been something wrong with me). You made me question my self-esteem, even more.

To Nonso, A.N, you are awesome. I love how our friendship is blossoming at it’s own pace. You better hurry up and return to these shores.

To Kenneth, I don’t think I appreciate you enough. You make sure there is a smile on my face, everyday. That’s more than I probably deserve. Thank you.

To Desola and Remi, I guess I tried to take us back to where we used to be. I know I did. I’m also happy that in the end, what happened turned out good for you two.

To Eghe, Mami, you always know how to correct me, like a mother to her child. I really love you, okay?

Nessir, you on the other hand, are like my little sister. Learn from your mistakes(and mine). You are strong, woman! Believe that babe.

Deji, You are my breath of fresh air. You are simply amazing. I can’t tell you enough. Thank you.

To Tolu, Omar, Sammi, Bambi, Max, Awele, Louisa, Micah, Nessur, Justy, Dumebi, Emeka. I love you guys. You find a way (mostly without knowing it) to make me forget.

To Ope, thank you for making me find closure with what happened. I wish you good luck with that.

To Olisa, Hubby, I don’t know what it is you are doing, but it’s werking. Thank you.

To Funa and Salmat, I’m letting this friendship blossom. I hope we get there. Thank you.

To Delaterre, thank you for keeping me in shape (Yes I’ve gained mass, finally!! and I’m keeping my tummy in check)

To the ‘anonymous’ guy that kept ignoring me. #EETDINORPAINME #WEEPS

To Obama and Tunde Ednut, for taking my twi-career to greater heights(this is an emotional moment, okay. *sniffs*) Osheyy!!

Finally, to Efe, without you, I wouldn’t have been able to write this. I thought it was going to be easy, but mann, It turned out to be more difficult than I thought. Thank you.

*Inserts deep quotes* *Pause*

Now, I’m gonna round off by saying that, all those who hurt me this year, taught me a thing or two and I’m grateful. I’ll not say I do not have my flaws or that I did not make my share of mistakes. I’m only glad I got to learn from them.

I also got closer to my family. I had always pushed them away and kept taking them for granted. Now I know better. In the end, family is all we got. My mum has been the absolute best. She made sure I was able to remember that the greatest gift is life. I went to Port Harcourt in October. Stayed for over a month with my brother, regardless of the strain I had caused between us and we are closer today (he’s smiling at me right now without knowing I’m writing about him here).

I also had the opportunity to listen/read the stories of some people on this series and I regret all the months I spent whining and reclining in self-pity. That’s over now. Thank God!

I also noticed how I wasn’t able to make a single friend off twitter. Lol. My social circle apparently revolves around twitter. I don’t care, though. I hope I get to meet most of you next year.

*Inserts deep quote*

I tweeted this once

“I hate 2013, and if it was good for you, I hate you too”

That was so wrong. I take it back. I have every reason to be thankful to God; My family got robbed and no one was hurt; I traveled a lot by road this year and no accidents; I’m breathing,  healthy, and if I may say so myself, Beautiful (Kindly keep your disagreements to yourselves).

*Inserts deep quote*

Raising my glass to all the promises 2014 will bring my way.

Merry Christmas in advance, Folks.



Thank you too Alex. I was happy to meet you this year. And I hope you keep growing taller from here on out. Much love.