Day 5: Dami

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Happy New Year!!!!

2013 rolled in just like that and for the first time, I had no serious expectations whatsoever. All I wanted was to graduate from medical school this November and travel to Dubai and America with my friends afterwards.

Mum’s birthday.

Val’s day, Odunayo’s induction into the medical profession.
Odunayo my fiance whom I love very much did it, I could too and I would by November or so I thought.

I saw the blood a few days earlier than usual and I remember thinking to myself that she had decided to come early this time. But my visitor didn’t stay longer than a day, neither did she give as I expected her to.

Vese’s birthday (my best friend, aka chicken pant)

I hate seeing her, but she came earlier than normal and didn’t stay as long which wasn’t normal. Odunayo thought it was the stress of my impending exams that was telling on her, but deep down we both were ill at ease.

He told me he had something for me and he had bought me two of the same product. I dipped the first, it was invalid, he dipped the second and smiled and I heaved a sigh of relief till he showed it to me.

Two lines!

Two lines!!

Two lines!!!

Where the tears came from, I still can’t say.
All I knew was that I was sitting on the floor looking at the proof of life growing in me.

That’s where 2013 really started for me. I. Was. Pregnant.

I thought it started from when a number of us were told that we didn’t make the required attendance so we won’t be writing our exams with the rest of the class. As such we would be given only one chance to write it, during the resit.

I was wrong.

What would people say? Me, church girl, Jesus junkie, pro sexual purity activist, fellowship ambassador, a fornicator, and a pregnant one too? What would my parents, a sunday school teacher and a deaconess say? My younger sisters in the Lord, my two younger brothers, my classmates, my teachers, my friends?

How do you explain to the people that you told to keep themselves that you didn’t keep your own self because…?

What about school? How was I going to cope during the last 6 months that were going to be the most hectic.

Following weeks of depression and breaking up (yes) breaking up with the lad, I called mum, who called dad, who called me. It was true, their precious, perfect angel was pregnant in school for a man she wasn’t married to.

Never have I seen such disappointment in two pairs of eyes.

Never had I let my folks down so much I’m sure they wished for a moment that I wasn’t theirs.


Then came the torrential vomiting and loss of appetite. The perpetual weakness, they called it morning sickness. They lied. It was all day sickness, all night weakness.

My birthday

A lot of water was already under the bridge and still flowing under the bridge. School had never been so hard, near fainting spells, overwhelming nausea, telling my friends was a task, but well, I guess they took it rather well.

I blamed him, everytime, refusing to acknowledge the part I played, after all, it takes two to tango. He suffered too, I made him suffer, not physically like me, but psychologically. I’m not proud of it, and I really have to acknowledge that God gave me a good man, who stayed by me despite the fact that I didn’t want to see him (I’m weird like that).

The first ultrasound was exciting though, I remember looking at the screen as the sonographer showed me my baby’s head and heartbeat. Shit just became real to a female nigga.

Odunayo still hung around, he wooed me back *blush*, the ever doting boyfriend. Needless to say we made up. Hey, I love him, okay and we were having a baby.

My paediatrics test was awesome, I had never topped the class before, it’s still one of my personal victories this year, seeing my name among the five that topped the list :D.

Exams were upon us, the tension so palpable. And wham!!!! ASUU struck, hit us like a ton of bricks with this strike that is still ongoing. We stayed back, hoping that the brouhaha would be over soon and we would write our exams. Well, then rolled in…

August- awesome month
Odunayo proposed to me on the fifth 😀 and convinced me that it wasn’t because of the baby.

We had our introduction ceremony 😀 .
August was a beautiful month.

ASUU strike was still on.

Odunayo’s dad’s 50th birthday

So my friends gathered to do a surprise baby shower for me. It was so awesome, I love them soooo much.

It started on the 16th, my contractions had changed rhythm, Odunayo left his call duty and raced to Ibadan but the doctor said it was false labour.

The 18th was Odunayo’s birthday, I had plans to lug him around with my big belly to an exclusive lunch, blah, blah, but by 4am we were already at the hospital.

She came at 7:20pm that day, our perfect bundle of joy. You know how they say you forget the pain once the baby comes out? So true.

The 25th was her naming.

God was faithful, is faithful. He blessed us with a beautiful child, his mercy and forgiveness and awesome people.

You’ve not known true motherhood till you watch your daughter go through labour, I love you mum.

My dad… I’m just speechless

My friends were the best, from the beginning, to the labour ward door.

Odunayo *sigh* I don’t know where to start or end. I love you.

2013 was just one year that went to fast and so slow with different twists and turns. I learnt so much, I’m really glad I didn’t terminate it, the thought sure crossed my mind.

ASUU is still on strike, not like I mind, it worked very well for me.

2014… Let’s see what you have in store.

PS. I fell in love again this year. With Moyosore Odewole, my little princess.


Just look at this lovely boat ride of a year this reads like. Doesn’t seem anything like the anguish you went through in some months. Thanks for sharing. Please give Moyo a peck for us. 🙂

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