Welcome to August

So it’s my birth month. Yes, I will turn 31, by God’s grace.  August has 31 days and being the sucker for numbers that I am I just thought I should do some personal challenge this month to commemorate this August event. (I will clock my one billionth second on earth sometime in April next year, hmmmm.)

The last time I had a lovely number combo was in 2010, where I was 28 on the 28th of the 8th month (August), on the same day of the week it was when I was born (Saturday) in 1982, having seen seven leap years in my life. You could say I’d come full circle or full moon or had lived for a lunar month of years. Sighs. The good old days.

Well, back to why I wrote this post. I plan to open a window to my head this month. You have already seen some things about me in this post (I love number patterns, I like challenges, I like to write, I think people are interested in my life, I fear God, God willing and by God’s grace, and I’m very old, sighs)

My posts will not be long. But on each day I’ll pick a random topic and write my thoughts on it. I will be candid and I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings but you came here for the truth so I hope you are ready for it, well Efe’s version of the truth anyways.

If you feel like, you may subscribe to the blog by dropping your email in the box (how hard could that be? Very soon I’ll be charging per month for email subscriptions so better grab your spot while it’s free). I’ll also take suggestions on topics from my readers for the days I’m stuck on ideas, which hardly happens in my life.

I’ve said too much for one day already. Go on and enjoy your day or what remains of it. Thanks for stopping by.

“Start with God ––the first step in learning is bowing down to God;
only fools thumb their noses at such wisdom and learning.”
(Prov. 1 vs 7, The Message)


7 thoughts on “Welcome to August

  1. @ts_tiana says:

    Yay! Excited! All the champions are born in August. Augustina here 0/ -__-
    Even though the number play left me dizzy for a second. Can’t wait to read all your thoughts. I’m the biggest fan of those. Let the world know today. Happy birthday in advance UNCLE Efe.

  2. Ekwe says:

    ______0___ Afternoon sir!

  3. Whitneycruz says:

    August is really the month for cool peeps #idontmaketherules 💁💁

  4. Ro33ah says:

    Yay! I’m pumped (don’t ask why; I don’t know). Looking forward to sharing the month with you. \o/

  5. hahishaa says:


  6. Jk_McDazzles says:

    Yayyyy! I’m hereeeeee!!!!

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