Tell Me (Life test questions)

Life sets the test questions, I sit back and grade your scores

There’s the test of money. How long does money stay in your hand? Does it flee or does it come to you?

There’s the test of caring. Yes you care for me but is that your nature or you just doing a business transaction?

There’s the test of we against the world. If everyone in the world was against me and I was honestly innocent, would you stand by me?

There’s the test of physical attraction. Can your body talk to my body and we have an organic interaction full of soul?

There’s the test of maturity. What does external pressure do to you? Bring out the best or the worst?

There’s the test of stayability and finishability. Do you finish your long term projects or you keep finding new short term ones? Cos we in this for the long haul

There’s the communication test too. When we fight, can you still understand what I’m saying or you blank out and lash out wildly?

There’s the independence test. You have a mind of your own or you just do what makes your parents, friends and family happy? Cos it’s hard enough being with you. I don’t want to be with the entire village

There’s the test of caution. Can you call me to order when I’m making a wrong decision? Cos I do make a lot of those

There’s the homemaker test. Can you run a home? Like supplies, logistics, bills, comfort, security and peace of mind?

There’s the test of adventure. If I wanted to go exploring, would you join me or discourage me for no valid reason?

There’s the emotional attraction test. Will you tell me all you feel and let me in or you’d say you’re fine when you’re not?

There’s the friends test. Who are your friends? Are they kind, successful and willing to help? Or parasites and bad influences? Cos I ain’t choosing your friends or controlling who you talk to. I just gotta guard the entrance to my life kingdom, thank you.

There’s the ambition test. Are you just settled for the mediocre? Or do you have a dream?

There’s the God-fearing test. If you were absolutely sure nobody was looking or would find out, who would you be?


23 thoughts on “Tell Me (Life test questions)

  1. Abigail says:

    can two walk/work together except they agree?

  2. hart says:

    genuinely happy when I come across a dude who shares thought provoking truth.

  3. Aidee says:

    There’s the Quarrel Test – when we fight, how long does it take for us to make up? Do we fight fair?

  4. s_Hotzs says:

    Reblogged this on Midnight Memoirs and commented:
    Grade yourself -___-

  5. s_Hotzs says:

    Now munching on these thoughts!

  6. Ladies Hangout Forum says:

    Excellent•Thought provoking•Spot on
    A failed/unhappy union is unlikely with all these in check.

  7. Ro33ah says:

    Oh, this is good stuff.

  8. Sheriff says:

    This is good stuff indeed.

  9. loveudocs99 says:

    great one there HL_blue, thought provoking

  10. Turner says:

    It really bothers me that the few that I have a problem with are the ones that haunt me the most. There’s work to be done. Good job.

  11. highlandblue says:

    Thanks for reading guys. And even for reblogging too

  12. Jk_McDazzles says:

    I remember this day…And i remember thinking, “Everyone should read this everyday” so we can remember to measure ourselves by the measure with which we do others..

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