Dusk: Rolayo

So I decided to write this now cause I’m not exactly in a good mood and I’m having “one of those days”. I had a lot of “one of those days” this year. Starting with the day I got a distress call from my brother that my grandmother had gone into a state of coma and she was being rushed to the hospital. I really thought she wouldn’t make it… The day my dad called and said my brother fell off his bicycle and he was being rushed to the same accidents&emergencies unit. Perfectly planned out days that got disrupted by just a single phone call.

2012 had a lot of heart-breaking moments for me. I failed a major exam this year, and I had the longest three months of my life preparing for a re-sit. My parents were very supportive and so were a few friends. One happy moment was when I got a cake a few days to my re-sit with “143821 will do great”. I still blush at the thought, and I did great. Thank God.

Another was when a friend of five years “dumped” me when we had to pick room-mates. I still don’t know why,but I guess that’s another lesson learnt. People aren’t always as they seem. I remember questioning myself that why didn’t anyone want to stay with me regardless of the number of friends I had. Well, all things work together for good for them that love Him and are called according to His purpose, right?

Yesterday, in my hustle and bustle to honour wedding invitations, I found myself stuck in traffic for hours for a distance that google maps estimated as fifteen minutes. But traffic was the least of my problems. I finally got to the second wedding and met the drapes being removed. Hungry me downed a plate of ofada rice. My big sis sent a friend to call me in the hall, apparently her car had been “emptied”. All her stuff and her friends’ stuff had been stolen, alongside a car that was parked behind them. The thieves also had us on the same spot for hours cause they had tampered with the car security and we needed to get it rewired. What a way to end the year. But that’s not gonna stop my shine. As you’re reading this, I’m definitely at another wedding thousand miles from home in my oleku and pumps feasting on small chops.

There were a lot of days when I started with questioning God and ended with praising Him. I took a lot of strolls just to clear my head, and talk to the all-knowing One. All the time, I heard the same thing,”Trust me. I know what I’m doing”. And that’s what I did in 2012. I trusted. And just when I felt like I didn’t understand it anymore and my world was falling like a pack of cards, I learnt to trust more.

I had some awesome days too. I turned 21 and had two birthday parties, a small one and a big one. My parents really made me happy. Best birthday I’ve ever had. On my cake, “Love&Life Begins at 21” was written and although a lot of people disagree, that phrase defined my year.

I fell in love AGAIN in 2012. This time with a totally awesome guy. I call him my Ephesians 3:20 man. I found love in the least unexpected place, in the heart of an old friend. Guess big gifts come in small packages, and God’s plans doesn’t always come the way we expect it. Thank you again OLU.

Another highlight of my year was winning a beauty pageant. I still laugh at the thought of it. I really hope I don’t let the people who believe so much in me down.

I had a list of things I wanted to do and own by the end of the year, and I’m proud to say I struck out a good number.

2012 was one helluva year, but God kept me. I didn’t lose anyone. I had a lot of fun, like I finally got to spread my wings. I got to wear contacts and try out a new look. I got to share my story with a lot of people. I cried a lot, but I thanked a lot more. I’m being trained into the great woman I’ll be.

2013, I don’t know what you hold, but I trust the one who holds you, and that’s more than enough. So go ahead and surprise me.


This Rolayo girl is stronger than you think. She writes from her heart on her personal blog here. You can imagine, she also is a beauty queen! 😀


10 thoughts on “Dusk: Rolayo

  1. Jk_McDazzles says:

    You had a great year.. And you have an awesome spirit. Surely next year will be a blast..
    Beauty queen? Sweet!

  2. Morolayomide, Kudos! Yet another wonderful piece! Keep up the good work… And Never forget God’s got It all!

  3. omotooke says:

    Awwwww…. Shay…. 2012, like stir fry with pickles and sausages, awful-delicious, 2013, only God knows how awesome it’s gonna be.

  4. Oluwatomi Adeoti says:


  5. okiki-tomilayo says:

    Honestly,u touch my heart with ur write-ups and I get to like u more with every piece I read *thumbs up!*I look forward to reading more…prolly 2013 plans *grins*

  6. abky12 says:

    Loved this piece. Beautiful. Ehen….so you fell in love ehn? Rolayo…..just wait till I see you. You left me in singlehood abi? 😥

  7. amos says:

    a year indeed filld with both sunrise nd sunset…..keep ur shine on….

  8. folahanlash says:

    I remember all the events, some still shape my life till now. Known you for 5yrs plus now but its funny how things change. I also remember wishing I appeared in your writeup for 2011. Anyway, to me its not just another writeup but a piece of my dairy. Thank you for making me part of your life. I have loved every minute of it

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