I Miss You (Part 3)

When a girl says she misses someone, what does she mean? Enjoy.



I wonder if you heard rumors that the world would end in 2012. Being an ardent student of the scriptures I called it bluff. But here I am thinking to myself “a world of mine ended this 2012”. A world that involved you in it.

Disappointed doesn’t begin to describe how I feel being aware that I have seen you for the last time as a living body.

In the past 3months, I have thought of you and the life you lived more than ever. The testimonies I’ve heard of you buttress this conviction I have about your life here. Your life cannot be equaled. There would never be another you. No human can play your role better than you have. You were just you with your style and carriage.

Dad, a 500-paged write up about you, your life and accomplishments would do you no justice but it is only appropriate I put down remarkable memories I have of you.

I was privileged to spend 20yrs of my life with you and it gives me joy to note that you lived a selfless and sacrificial life.

Growing up as a child, not spending plenty time with you was only because you had to attend to issues like you were born to save everyone you met. The letters and calls always came with apologies, pacifiers and excusable explanations as to why you couldn’t be with us at any moment. It was evident that you had to work so a lot of people may eat, go to school, care for their families and meet their needs at the expense of yours. Dad you were more than a philanthropist. It seemed to me that meeting the needs of everyone around you gave you this sense of fulfillment. You could have chosen to live an extravagant life with your family because you were under no legal/moral obligation to do all you did for others but you chose a path that has made you an icon, a legend to your people and my hero.

Dad if I ever had anything to boast of as a growing child it was about you and because of you. I can’t recollect requesting for whatsoever I desired without getting it from you. For someone with a good memory, it’s because there was never a day like that.

In the midst of all the responsibilities you had to meet, you carved out a way of being there for us in ways I can’t put out in writing. You gave us the security any child could wish for.

The lessons for life you taught me every time we spent together were never in vain; there was always a lesson to be learnt in every aspect of life. Ranging from how to be certain a glass cup had been properly washed, to how to determine you are successful in business. Dad you taught me how to touch lives in simple ways and the need to be there for the less privileged. With scriptures, you emphasized the importance of living right and staying in communication with our maker always. You said success is my ability to permanently change lives. You lived and died and you never laid your hands on us, by doing so, you taught me how priceless we were to you and how possible it was to raise the best kids with godly instructions and support in every situation. You were appreciative of everything you had. Your wife, your children, the people you met and you taught us to do likewise. You and Mum trained us in the godly way we should go and we will never depart from it.

I recall with joy, your last year and your last days on earth, dad, I saw this peace and calmness in you at all times, no matter what happened. It was a beautiful time for us as a family, we spent more time together, the constant phone chats, the teases, the weekends graced with your presence, the personal conversations and most importantly, your relationship with God graduated to a higher level. You related with God as a son would relate with his father, the messages that shared your favorite scriptures with us intensified. You said we could never pray too much and today, the intimate knowledge of God I have has been my source of strength in these weakening times.

Then 10 days to my 21st birthday I called home and thought I needed hearing aids when I was told you had walked out on physical life. Just like that. No goodbye, no traces of failed health. Nothing, Dad. Being able to describe how I feel may trivialize your departure.

The good side is this: I see it as a birthday gift, the ultimate gift of responsibility as I became an official adult and a graduate. It is the only way I come to terms with this irreplaceable loss. I may never smile at the thought of never seeing you again but I have come to accept it.

You have lived a good life, a great one. You have served your family, your people, your state and your country. You have served God. I went through your CV with so much admiration for you. Your life has left me with so much zeal, challenges and reasons to be thankful to my heavenly father.

Proverbs 13:22 says: “A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children”.

We can all agree that you are a good man. I have inherited your words of wisdom. Your love to serve your world, your persona and you can rest assured I’ll pass them on to your grandchildren.

I have peace within me that you are enjoying eternal rest. It gives me great joy ‘cause it would have been of no profit had you gained the world and lost your soul. I can’t mourn like you haven’t taught me to set my hope on God. I refuse to be devastated or heartbroken.

God was on the throne on the 27th of February, He let you come home. He is still on the throne and that is the reason I trust Him to be a better father, husband, care-taker and friend. You left a puzzle that appears incomplete without you but I know He will not let us be disadvantaged. I am aware that everything would work together for our good. He’ll bring all grace we need to carry on without you to us ‘cause he is able and willing.

I miss you so much. No calls, no messages, no gifts, no instructions from you but I have your memories. Beautiful photographic memories and I trust your wonderful wife to remain the best mother you proclaimed her to be. I trust my cherished brother and sister God used you to give me, to be encouraging as we continue life in your absence.

Thank you so much for living a life men can emulate. It is possible to imprint on the lives of your children no matter how busy or far away you helplessly have to be. Dad, I appreciate your impact on my life. I would be more than you hoped to be and greater than you anticipated me to be, to show how much I love your legacy.

Enjoy your rest Daddy, my hero, my pride,
I love you forever.

Proudly the good daughter of her father

3 thoughts on “I Miss You (Part 3)

  1. sean says:

    Deep, real deep. I just started blogging of recent and this is one of the first few works I have come across. I think his soul will drop a tear of happiness :).

  2. aramaanda says:

    Very few people have fathers like this with good hearts, they are rare…I hope you inherit his heart 🙂

  3. Jk_McDazzles says:

    Each time I and pappii are at loggerheads with eachother and I remember how privileged I am to have a father like him, I just retreat and give thanks for him in my heart..

    Your dad was an awesome man. You are surely one of the few lucky ones.

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