Day 25: Shade

Enter (the) Shade (@Mz_Shadee)…..

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Hello everyone, before I proceed with my cool story, let me say this, thank you Efe for giving me a chance to express myself. This means so much to me, and believe this you are all kinds of special; You just don’t know it yet. (Editor: ^_^)

When I said I wanted to write about my highs and lows of 2011, I had no idea what I was going to write. Then other people’s stories started coming in and I had a light bulb moment, (or so I thought), wrote a very classic story (that’s what I keep telling myself) and Efe rejected it! *HOT TEARS*

Before you start reading however, please know this:

I am not a blogger / writer, do not expect anything exciting.

I am funny only to me and the people that play in my head; if you were hoping this would be funny I’m sorry

Sister Shade here…Let us pray….. (Editor: Lol. Wait, what?!!)

I started the year with high hopes, hopes of making a new meaning out of life. As at the time of writing this 2011 I am still hoping for the miracle I’ve been looking for since the beginning of the year. In all I am grateful and choose to be happy regardless.

I had a very dramatic relationship, no gist in that area, we are forbidden to talk about it. (Editor: *Sighs* No be small tin)

I made friends in 2011, I lost friends, I made some money, laughed a lot, partied a little, and tried to have fun a few times…thank you Georgina and Vic….they taught me how to drink vodka.

I would say this is the year that I have cried the most, been most frustrated, been the most broke but I’m still alive…amen somebody.

March 25th I reached a milestone, that age that brings you closer to the female expiry date *sigh*. Turned 30, birthday came and went so fast I didn’t believe it. There was really nothing to celebrate anyway. No job, no money, no boyfriend to give me occasional consolation hugs *sigh*
Over the years, the bulk of my birthday presents came from Facebook, yep…my wall messages. Amazing how a little HBD, LLNP, GGMYB, TRHBS, can actually make you smile. For real I have NEVER gotten a birthday gift, maybe when I was little sha, I don’t remember *shrug*. I thought about this and made up my mind to break that stronghold…..and for the first time ever, I gave myself a birthday present, a new blackberry. Isn’t that such a frozen epistle?

How can I forget the most painful day of my life, when I almost had this big fight with my sister and things turned really ugly, left me crying for hours?  Tears born out of humiliation and pain in my heart from not being who I should have been. But in that very low moment I had the chance to evaluate God’s grace and mercy over me. I didn’t deserve it, but He gave me anyway.

Oh I was broke for the better part of this year (Notice how many times I’ve said this? Shit was real yo) until a blessing came in the form of my photography training. I got a call just when I was on the verge of going totally crazy and frustrated,  and was offered training that should have cost me N150,000 for free…..FREE! Can I get another halleluyah?

Towards the end of the year, I had a bike accident that could have left me seriously injured…rickety car hits bike, bike falls and I hear tires of the cars behind us screeching, all I could think of at that moment was Lord let this death not be painful. But I left without a scratch! Praise Master Jesus!
I almost got robbed a few months back, it could have been a very horrible experience but for God! When the man came close and grabbed my arm on that dark lonely road, iRAN like hell, in that 5mins or so I think I lost 5kg. Speaking of which, after many months of procrastination, I eventually started my work out regime, it’s been 3 months, I haven’t lost weight…or hope.

After the editor rejected my first story (Editor: *hot editor tears*), I read it and realised I was actually dwelling on my strong negative moment, but writing this I stand bold to say God has indeed been faithful. One thing I noticed in 2011 was that:

                                     GOD ALWAYS CAME THROUGH FOR ME NO MATTER WHAT!


Lol. I loved this hilarious testimony. Thank you very much Sister Shade.

Coincidentally with today’s writer’s age, today is my parents’ wedding anniversary ^_^ Happy  30th anniversary Mum and Dad!!!!! 30 years is no joke and God has been faithful every single day (Trust me, I know. Been there all this time minus 9 months 😀 ) Much love.

Tomorrow, Ranti unleashes his blogger venom on us all. Come and collect your slaying 🙂


22 thoughts on “Day 25: Shade

  1. MsDuro says:

    From this post and some of the previous posts, I see a lot of us learnt that “through it all God is God and he’ll never leave nor forsake us”

    this post right here is a testimony of His faithfulness. i pray you’ll have more testimonies to share come 2012

  2. edgothboy says:

    This was hilarius! I need someone to try to mug my mom so she’ll lose the weight she keeps complaining about.

  3. You’re a small girl o!
    I’m 39.
    *sips shawarma*

  4. great post…. God has really been wonderful

  5. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Aunty shadee. .
    the robbery stuff. .lool dat was funny
    Lool if nt for sum incidents we cud have met at Acme. .Yup
    But all d same! Praise Master Jesus for you life
    2012 shall be ur year of Financial Breakthrough!

  6. malota says:

    🙂 God always comes through…Thanks for sharing.

  7. Chicasa says:

    It shall be well my Sister. God is faithful indeed.
    God bless you more

  8. datibogurl says:

    I had a year almost similar to urs side from d bike n robbery incident. I startd 2011 wit a lot of monies,plans,friends, boyfriends and weight. I managed to loose everytin by in d last quater of d year. Hit d big 30 unattached n got a lot of calls n text messages wit adresses of churches n persons who culd soposedly help me get married in a very short while no kidding. I ended up almost killing masef wen I lost ma last friend who had hiterto been ma pillar of rock, strenght n hope. I cried n cried n cried till I had migraine n lost conciousness due to d pain. I came out of d hospital/experience wit a resolution to live and be happy while living. Ma life did nt come wit an expiry date so no sorry if I dont meet ur marital expectation. Jesus was d one I dint loose.I started wit him n tho I stumbled a great number of times he stayed wit me thru it all n now is d only actual friend I have got. On d loosing weight try going on fruit diet for 21 days n see if u won’t have a testimony. Sorry editor for d long post

  9. Sisi Yemmie says:

    You turned 30! wow! Congrats on that oh! Thank God for your 2011, we pray for a more prosperous 2012! thanks for sharing!

  10. Kemmiiii says:

    Effortlessly writtten.

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