Day 23: Amy

You all know the most annoying handle to cc. @ibetapassmynebo also known as Amy. She shares her take on 2011 today…


LOOOL ok so I really can’t remember anything that happened this year why?
I have been drunk and high on weed since Jan till today Dec 18th 20:45pm. . .ok just kidding. . .My lowpoint was Arsenal losing to Man Utd aka the 8-2 game. . .Highpoint Arsenal being the group leader in UCL and of course beating Chelsea 5-3. . .End of Story! Merry Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok! 2010 did not end well. .there was a bomb Blast at Abacha Barracks that killed some people on 31st Dec! it was tragic! Plus I lost some cool friends too. Was really looking forward to 2011 because I needed a fresh start!

Finally 2011. . .Met some cool people. . .reconnected with an Old friend (Georginah 🙂 ). . . Never found Love. .(Thought I did at some point). . . I almost died in May. . . Then the “Transfer Window” Drama. . . LOL

Ok August was the Month I was really looking forward to. . .why
– The EPL season kicked off
– Wanted to see what our new players had to offer
– UEFA Champions league was about to start
-Could not wait for Cesc and Nasri to leave so RVP could become our captain and also ‘shine’ (~_~)
-Lastly after my “Human Error” that got me expelled from my other school, I finally graduated. .not just as the best Student in my department, but as the best in my Faculty. This may sound Mediocre but finally, I’m able to put a smile on my Dad’s face and make him proud of me again! That proud, that he goes to the office everyday with my 2nd & 3rd year transcript sent to him by my school, (with an ‘A’ in all 35courses). . .

Despite all, I’m really grateful to God for my life, and for those that made this year a memorable one. . .I just have this feeling 2012 would be a good year for me. . .really all I can think about right now is the ‘January Transfer Market’ and Our game against AC. Milan . . .oh we lost to Man city again. . .Plus I think Amokachi’s ‘Use of English’ would get better. .yea I know RVP would be fantastic in the coming year. . .Maybe Wenger would sign Podolski and Gotze. . .How did Lyon qualify again. . .When would I see Santos back in action. .I miss Sagna by the way. . .why is Tevez an ass. . .why can’t I hate Messi. . .would wilshere return our creative midfield back. . .who would shoot Balotelli in his groin for me. . .Can Sunshine stars take Arshavin and chamakh for free. . .why is Pep fucking sexy. . .when would Ramsey realise his ‘goal-scoring’ DNA has been altered. . .WHY MUST I BE MORAL???????????


Still shaking my head at this. What would the Premier League be in Nigeria without ibetapassmynebo? Oh well, tomorrow Arinola will be writing our Christmas post… Do come along 🙂


56 thoughts on “Day 23: Amy

  1. rhaiharnah says:

    but Amy…what kind of human being are you ehn??? adoringly unstable … *sigh*

  2. Lolu says:

    Lmao!…i agree Balotelli needs to be shot in the groin!
    This one is my fav post after rhai’s and Day 16…i think ^_^

  3. joeyparker says:

    SMH… I love you!

  4. weird_oo says:

    Pepe Guardiola is more than sexy! Oh lawdy! He’s finger licking drop dead gorgeous hunky tunky baldy beardy fit *sigh* my body’s tingling.
    This is my best on here so far! Loool!

    • weird_oo says:

      *Pep! Got so excited I put an extra E. LOL! Too fine! Hot damn! Tomale tomale! Mellorine!!!!

    • highlandblue says:

      Lol the gap refused to come out as planned. You were all supposed to see one big blank page after the first paragraph. I felt insulted when she sent me the post and all I could see was five lines. Then after reading the rest I was just stumped. Amy please for the hundredth time, can I be your shrink?

      • ibetapassmynebo says:

        @efe. . .I just remembered ur reply
        I could not help but laugh cos I knew I punked ur A**
        Looool thanks

    • ibetapassmynebo says:

      Awww wait first
      You must not be left in the same room with pep. . .
      Thanks dear. . .lool

  5. mizztosin says:

    Lol!!!! Amyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy o
    All I see is gibberish football Talk!!!!
    I guess it wouldn’t have been u without football sha! (Y)

  6. @Ms_BeeA says:

    LOL! Amy! *sigh*

  7. Chicasa says:

    ​​​​=))š°˚˚˚°šнaĦaнaš°˚˚˚°š‎​=))‎​​​ Amy my love. I expected nothing else. Anyi ga fu soon.
    God bless you

    • ibetapassmynebo says:

      SOON??? KIMON!!! ┐(‘âŒĢ’┐) ÆŠ(˘ە˘)┐ (┌’âŒĢ’)┌ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ ┐(‘âŒĢ’┐) ÆŠ(˘ە˘)┐ (┌’âŒĢ’)┌ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ ┐(‘âŒĢ’┐) ÆŠ(˘ە˘)┐ (┌’âŒĢ’)┌

  8. What iCan’t seem to get is why pepper bodi becos my boys took ur boys to school.
    Scatter brain does not begin to describe u.
    Merry Christmas

  9. Anonymous says:

    Amy I swear e bu nno ewu! Utu gbalie gi isi for making me read this shit oh…. Make football no kill you sha. Na ja I’m proud of you like your dad sha As in 35 courses wooooah who would have thought say you sabi book like that

  10. SvelteTwampire says:

    Amy is not just ok!! LOOL!! what is this??

  11. Mz_Shadee says:

    I swear I don’t know why I’m laughing so hard! I have tears in my eyes. LOOOOOOOLLLl!!!!
    I love u girl. And I will definitely love to meet u any year I enter Abuja if you haven’t left.

    • ibetapassmynebo says:

      Hahaha pls ma sukun mor. . .lool
      We must meet but where are u goin to? Ilorin??
      I’m with you naaa. . 🙂 🙂
      Thanks for readin!

  12. BUUJH says:

    WHAOOO!!!…so ya also a brainiac!…and u just got hotter!…errr I meant d image of u in my head tho…loool…am sure u forgot our barca victory…dat ws def d freakin highest pt of Arsenal 2011!!!
    ..All in all Crazy post!….lol

    • ibetapassmynebo says:

      Hahaha yea the Barca victory. . .I have a feeling we shall witness this next year again. .inshort let’s not rant here. . .

  13. Medex Deyanz says:

    I feel misplaced…all that Arsenal talk. Hian!
    All those (non-football) victories you scored though (pardon the pun) are really cool. I thought i found love too at some point but Cupid had other plans. 😀
    Looking forward to RVP in Juventus, a club that he deserves. :p

    Great read, Amy.

  14. terdoh says:

    Everything about you is football. And book. And more football.

    And Van Persie.

    And football.

    And Thomas.
    And football.

  15. bule_jr says:

    I love you amy…. I really do. But why are you like this? Just tell me.

  16. awizi says:

    God knows I love this girl.

    A in all 35 courses though? That’s a perfect C.G.P.A!

  17. Georgeenah says:

    Hahahahaha! We found crase in a hopeless place \(-_-\) (/-.-)/ \(-_-\) (/-.-)/ you were one of the best things that happened to me too this year hun :* Thankfully,we’ve intuitvely kept arsenal out of our relationship 😀

    • ibetapassmynebo says:

      I should do something about that next year
      What about an original customised Away jersey? Lool
      🙂 🙂

  18. kay says:

    Lol! Amy dear did u forget 2 take ur pills before writing this post?

  19. malota says:

    You just got to love Amy

  20. dhamyhan says:

    Ibeta one day one day I would see the Sexual in this post(you know how we do na) :D……LOL this is still the most cheerful Post so far… you Muah Muah

  21. tobicomm says:

    Loooooool. *sigh*

  22. Kblewin says:

    LOOL shoot balotelli? Why evuls? Oh No you didnt actually want Cesc to leave, did you? :|. A bit scary how our ‘football minds’ are kinda alike :->.
    Mad one Amy. Nice (Y)

    • ibetapassmynebo says:

      Lool well I didn’t want Cesc to leave tho. .
      I’m still mad at him. .
      Thanks for reading n merry xmas 🙂

  23. thatifygirl says:

    Merry Christmas, Amy.
    I am a psychologist, you know.

  24. MsDuro says:

    Amy, Amy, Amy!
    From this post I see its been long you went for deliverance, oya go and register.

  25. 0latoxic says:

    *sigh* This is so sad…

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