Day 19: Omotola

Omotola (@tolsbee) writes as she thinks. Hang on for the ride…


I just put anything that came to mind on paper to summarise my highs and lows for this year. And once again, I saw the events of this year flash by me. Too many lows, no highs to write about. Then I showed my friend, Kemi (@Dekemisola) who made me realise I was probably too busy letting the big things weigh me down I never noticed the things that made me have those little huge honest smiles spread across my face.
So our conversation is my post. Enjoy:

Tolly: So here’s my year. I planned on a very blissful sweaters/cardigans knitting business year. But fate had more in store for me.
I had my bag snatched jan 10 and along went my “working” life. When I say working life, I mean everything I needed at my work place and to start up my new business. And I remember how I was sooo depressed my family terms it “the month Tola was at war with the whole world”.

I resigned my IT job February and didn’t want to have anything to do with “yes sir” work again. With that came so many suggestions on what next to do with my life and then poultry came in. Errrrr… I’d marry my B.Sc in CS(IS) with Agric later by havin an automated farm         ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯. but until then let my knowledge based e-Business (CRM) work its way in a traditional way.

Managing a poultry has got to be the toughest job ever, not even in the birds themselves, but in the start phase of the journey to its management. But like my neighbour would say, its better I cry now so I laugh later.

So I’d say it’s been a year of LOWS. Any high point just has to be that God has been so faithful. Today marks the tenth year anniversary of my father’s death and I still stand to thank God for his amazing gift of life to everyone around me.

Yes my FRIENDS would definitely make up my next high point.

So when Kemi saw this above, she said it was a good way to start but needed some spice and I had no high points at all in it, I responded with “But I’ve had a very low year in summary, I agree that this is too sad :(. Well, except with Omar and its a no romance post plus even on that, Omar just had to go for his masters :'(“
So she asked what I’ve done this year apart from work and school, my reply naturally came as ‘Nothing’. Then with firmness she insisted “write about your high points jor”

Then she got me writing about the little things that have made me smile

Drink to always satisfy that thirst: Coke
Track/Album: MI 2 (the tracks ft Waje and Flavour being my bestest)
Movie: The Return of Jenifa. (Omg. I experienced, literally the term ROTFLMAO. I was so sad when it had to end)

IN 2011, DID I:
•Date someone that made me smile? 3-| its a “No romance” post (Kemi: rules are meant to be broken)
•Cheat on someone? NO. But on something, Yes. Cheated on coke, with water/lacasera (whichever came first in traffic jams)
•Kiss someone? *smh* seriously Kemi??? (Kemi: not everyone had a kiss this year) (Toh)
•Lose someone special? Thankfully, no.
•Go through depression? Yes, but I was not built to break
•Get so drunk to throw up? I’m too HOLY for that o:) (Kemi: yimu)
•Make new friends? Yes, Femi ({}) and Melodia *my sweet baby* and Fatumoriginal and Uche 🙂
•Fall out of love? YES. I fell out of love with coke, sad but true 😦
•Laugh till I cried? Yes, yes and yes
•Meet someone that changed me? This year, none. I met someone who influenced my thinking though.
•Get new piercings? Nope

Had the bestest dessert ever
For this year to be over *phew*
I have a million and one things to write here, but I think I’m much more comfortable in this skin.
I doubt I had the time to check them out to start with
When @onlinehal came over to my farm. That was a very “wowing wow” x_x
“Kotokan” that tiny invincible insect that leaves an everlasting damaging itchy scar. + the ability of “omo oniles”(those land business touts that extort money from land owners/users) to showcase a very high level of stupidity in their illiteracy when their mates are out there doing something more meaningful.
OMAR :), Myself
Are you kidding me?! EVERYTHING SAD AND DEPRESSING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!! 
YES. These things have made me smile and laugh, thank you Kemi for taking the time out to make me realise the year hasn’t been all sad and depressing afterall. Guess I didn’t know my own strength

I’m desperately looking forward to the coming year. But (like a funny image I have on my fone) if the movie 2012 is to be believed, then I spent a huge part of my life in school. (Here’s something the new world should remember me for. Tolly the geek) ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ┌(˘.˘)ʃ


Kemi why didn’t you write for us too? What was that? Presidential aspirant for the Association of Side Chics Anonymous? Oh ok, seen. -__-

Come back tomorrow for Meena’s parade. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Day 19: Omotola

  1. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Sorry about ur purse. . .
    God will make u smile in 2012 🙂 🙂

  2. highlandblue says:

    So Omotola when are you going into the fishery business? And who is @OnlineHal?

  3. hal says:

    Too much sarcasm can lead to scarce orgasms☺

  4. Ruz says:

    Nice one, even ur lows sound fun, the purse snatching (sorry), the kotokan and the omo onile’s. Hope 2012 is better and not the last. *sips coke*

  5. PreyingMantis says:

    “Go through depression? Yes, but I was not built to break”. Good one.

  6. hal says:

    Too much sarcasm breeds scarce orgasms.

  7. thatifygirl says:

    I enjoyed this. Hope you have a better 2012! 🙂

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