The Not So Big Day

Another weekend of poetry. You are used to Ranti (@NateOblivion) by now. He comes here when he’s in a light-hearted mood. His other work can be found here Enjoy. 🙂


Behind a filmy lilac curtain
Decked in the finest aso-ebi
The couple is aglow with euphoria
The groom is lost in luxuriating
The bride radiates untainted allure.

Behind their pavilion,
A storm is brewing,
Anger is building to alarming heights,
Heated words rend the air.

The stewards are smart and dapper
Unsmiling statues behind gleaming dishes
Food appears to be in excess
Ravenous appetites must be satiated.

Behind the food station
Avarice is in full swing
Pilfering women amass fine cuisine
To be stowed away for a rainy day.

Joyful music uplifts every soul
The crowd is exceedingly jubilant
The light chill in the air is unnoticeable
But a wave is flowing amidst the sea of Gele
Stomachs rumble and smiles fade

The long-awaited time has arrived
Refreshments are to be served
But alas! Food is insufficient
Many a guest has been left unfed.

The flames of anger have emerged in the open
An irritable spectacle to behold
The families have turned against each other
Chairs fly through the air, chaos is supreme

Behind the filmy lilac curtain
The couple is all but pleased
The groom is lost in exasperation
Bridezilla shrieks and goes on a rampage
Guests curse and begin to disperse
The skies darken and lightning flashes

The live band hurry their instruments to the shade
The heavens empty on what was once a joyful wedding.


14 thoughts on “The Not So Big Day

  1. phantompages says:

    I’d love to attend a wedding reception that ends this way! I’d e too busy laughing..lool! Like the story telling. Light simple, funny.

  2. Glory says:

    Lol! Reasons why I don’t like weddings and all the fanfare. I like this. 🙂

  3. kovieparker says:

    Oh no wat a nightmare! I sudnt b reading dis jst after day dreaming abt my big day. It wuz a lil’ bit funny tho. Lurv d writer’s style. Well done!

  4. highlandblue says:

    See all these meanie goth girls! I’m sure u plan on wearing white jeans to your weddings 😐

  5. Moonraker_00 says:

    This… This is what you wished on the couple whose wedding you attended last saturday, yesterday!!!! You mean, black soul!!! ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡)

  6. Kemmiiii says:

    Looooool.VeryFunny. But hunger cannotbethis bad na?.
    I loved this line ” Pilfering women amass fine cuisine” cuz I can soo relate.

    • highlandblue says:

      My dear all those women that pack food it’s for the kids and people at home na. No be hunger. Lol. How is your wedding gonna be? That one was not in the Letter to your Husband.

  7. Kemmiiii says:

    Hey! Not like I pilfer food o.

  8. emotunrie says:

    I’ve been to weddings like this though… One was Igbo and the groom ended up fighting with his inlaws over money… Turns out.. He didn’t pay the brideprice…

  9. Afrosays says:

    Very very creative. I like.

  10. teakay says:

    I like! Very simple and easy to relate with. Well written!

  11. thatifygirl says:

    I love this!!!
    How do you even think to write about these things?!

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