Dare (@theDharkone) paints a picture of Nigeria’s most famous means of transport. It’s the cultural setting I like the most. Enjoy!!


Waiting longingly by the roadside
Eyes sharp as an eagle’s
I spot her approaching
A black and yellow ugly beauty
She whispers and growls
Vomiting black smoke and steam
With a whiplash sigh, she shudders to a stop
The crowd around me becomes feverish as they vie for a place in her heart
Some settle to hang on her dirty skin
Others dive through open windows

I stumble in and sit by a window
Staring out of the memory crusted glass
The muted smoky brown throwing a haze over the city
Turning streets and culture into snapshots
A sweaty fishmonger plomps into the seat beside me
Crushing my slender frame with her sizable hips
Dashing my spirits with the smell of her wares
I stare ahead as our bodies sway in the rocking bus

A preacher rises from the back
Piercing the grime covered ceiling with his black book
Blending threats of fire, brimstone and gnashing teeth
With visions of gold streets and eternal praise
The silence in the bus is deafening as he sits and hands out tracts

Another preacher rises holding up magic dust
Screaming promises of cleaner blood and healthier waistlines
Smoother skin and clearer eyes
He gets an order and grins
The aging bus stops

The fishmonger leaves, hefting her basket full of tilapia as she goes
A brightly colored tout replaces her
His hair is a tomahawk of gold
His ears and eyebrows studded with silver
He smiles at me baring tobacco stained teeth

I smile back uneasily

Letting down my guard imperceptibly

She grinds to a final halt
The rush into civilization begins
I remain seated as the rainbow of humans flashes past
Prostitutes and church brethren
Schoolchildren and fishmongers
Wrinkled old and vibrant young
Smiles and tears of sweat
The haze of tired suffering hangs in the air
I rise to leave, handing my fare to the ratty conductor at the door
I step into clean air and bright light and watch
As we all vanish into the throbbing heat of humanity
No one acknowledging the other
I make to pull out my wallet but it’s gone
Stolen no doubt by a boy with golden hair
Gone with the yellow and black living casket.


25 thoughts on “Molue

  1. Lamide says:


  2. Nate Oblivion says:

    Funny and well-written.

  3. mzcarol says:

    Such imagery! Nice

  4. Newton Samson says:

    Magic painted in words

  5. ibetapassmynebo says:

    lol. .nice

  6. ‘Another preacher rises holding up magic dust
    Screaming promises of cleaner blood and healthier waistlines’

    That was genius!!! The whole poem is brilliant.

  7. Honey_wealth says:

    *sigh* you have made my day. This is beautiful.

  8. awizii says:

    Awww this is awesome. You found a way to turn all the gloom associated with the danfo madness to poetic beauty. Beautiful.

  9. Terdoh says:

    All the people commenting haave entered danfo before. Me? I’m tush.

  10. The 13th Alchemist says:

    Nice poem. Never been in a Molue so ¯\..(•͡.̮ •͡ )../¯

  11. Nate Oblivion says:

    Abeg, I’ve never entered molue before o!!! #teamredcab 😀

  12. I have been in a molue only once, I’ll never forget the smell of fish. All in all, great poem, Dare.

    Is it considered bad if I tell myself I’ve done good?

  13. This is nice! Reminds me of my molue jumping days!!! Does anyone know if there are anymore Molues in Lagos though? There should be one in the National museum.

  14. Kemmiiii says:

    Lol. Nice one.
    But do people smile at eachother in the danfo tho?

  15. Unjinxt says:

    Oh wow! This is too good mahn! Dayum! And actually kinda funny! LOL!

  16. phantompages says:

    I shall one day enter a Molue just to experience this…mystery that is..beautifully written..PTS boys are talented!

  17. specialeffectz says:


  18. Adati says:

    FOUND IT!!!.. i Knew i did read one of your poems.. i have a thing for adjectives so i found this really brilliant.. like i bet you captured all your readers into the scene… really “amazingly impressive” LoL… :p

  19. Lauren says:

    i like this poem a lot..maybe someday while i am trying to educate my “butty” grand-children about “molue” buses, I’ll refer them to this
    “The crowd around me becomes feverish as they vie for a place in her heart” hehe very real…

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