Across The River

Ranti (@theGothPrince) is back with another poem. (Yes I know, my blog is becoming more of a poet’s corner but that will soon be challenged!) Can love be this strong? What do you think? Enjoy!


Meet me across the river
The river that flows beneath trees with poisoned fruit
Come with joy, my pensive lover
Let us relive moments long forgotten
Dance to the music we cannot hear anymore
Ride into infinity with lips locked in an eternal kiss.

Meet me across the border,
The one dividing your body and mine.
I wait for you with outstretched arms
I wait and watch you suffer with longing.
Cross and we shall be one,
Never to be perturbed by the vagaries of life.

Meet me beyond the horizon,
Where the sun has long gone
Uphold with an act our unlawful pact,
Escape the ghosts that plague you with guilt.
I can promise it won’t hurt for long
In a moment, the pain will be gone
And you’ll find me again by your side.

Meet me across the river,
The one made of endless tears.
Our love will wax forever strong
If you keep your promise as I kept mine
Meet me across the river,
Across the Styx that flows through Hades


15 thoughts on “Across The River

  1. iamsamsie says:

    Why are they going to hell 😦

  2. MsDuro says:

    I don’t know why, but this poem reminds me of “Black” (book one) by Ted Dekker…

    Nice piece….

    Efe, u wanna stop posting poems? 😦

    • highlandblue says:

      No. I just want to look to the left of my blog page and see that Creativity Without a Leash has the biggest characters. I shall enlist the resources of @kovieparker and @areenolar to tackle this menace. 😀

  3. TheSickMaven says:

    I think he’s dead and she’s alive. Lovely poem.

  4. BankyPhoenix says:

    I love the fact that it’s hell they are going to 😀

  5. Thanks, guys. The true meaning is in there.

  6. Adati Tarfa says:

    Beautiful piece!!… i love the theme .. “delayed Love” i guess? it has this temporary sadness about it.. i loved it 🙂

  7. terdoh says:

    You horny self even knows that you’re not going to heaven.

    Good. Good.

  8. Thegothprince says:

    Adati I’m glad you love it, cos it’s for you.

  9. teeraine says:

    So the he’s dead and in hell,and she’s supposed to meet him there? 😦 but they can kiss sha 😀 cool.

  10. @edgothboy says:

    Styx isnt hell… Its just death oh. People!

  11. leonmacedon says:

    I think I get it; Fuck! ’till death do us apart, love got no boundary! … Tis d msg, right?

  12. Kemmiiii says:

    Why did I miss this poem 😐
    Anyways I love eet!

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