The Cuddle Anthem

So Miss Duro (@MsDuro) wrote a reply to an old poem of mine (mine is the first section) and now seemed the perfect time to put this up in light of recent debates. Ahem. #TeamCuddles. Enjoy.


I wanna be your pillow…

I wanna be there when you wake up to remind you that it was just a nightmare…

I wanna be there when you cry at night to soothe your tears…

I wanna be there to share your honest prayers…

I wanna be there with you when everyone else has gone to bed…

I wanna be there to cradle your head when you lose yourself in sleep…

I won’t even mind being your punching bag when you have to let off steam…

I just wanna be your pillow…

Good night.


I awaken with a smile as bright as the dawn I see outside the window;

Waking up in your arms, relieved it is you here

Knowing that everything would be fine

And if not

I can always come back

That you’ll always be there


Remind me it’s just a nightmare

Soothe my tears

Share my honest prayers

Be there

When everyone has gone, not just to bed but turned away from me

Cradle my head when I lose myself in sleep

Be my punching bag when I want to let off steam

That you’ll be not just my pillow, but a pillar to support and lift me up

Higher and higher with each passing day

Just that thought has lit my world, warmed my heart, made me glow brighter than the morning sun…

So awaken and keep holding me

Let our eyes speak on behalf of our lips

Let our twin heartbeats be the reassurance that you’ll never leave

Let our synchronized breathing be my reality check

Let the wind in the willows whisper wanton wishes as it washes over we

Awaken and share the beauty of earth’s sun rise with me

There may be many stars in the sky but you are my sunshine

Good morning


49 thoughts on “The Cuddle Anthem

  1. iamsamsie says:

    We can share the silence
    Knowing our hearts beat together
    The little tugs and echoes
    Quiet understanding
    We can sleep in our arms
    We can sit looking at the dusk
    Not a word said
    But in so much felt
    We can share the warmth in our hearts
    You hold my hand while I skip along
    In just knowing you R here
    And will be when I wake
    It is absolute
    Just as I drift away
    A ☺ on my face.

  2. ibetapassmynebo says:

    Things that lead to baby mama drama…..

  3. Jasmine says:

    ‘Synchronized breathing… Eyes speak on behalf of lips..’ Very nice poetry. πŸ™‚

  4. AprokoMajor says:

    I see passion in this, Anything we should know?


  5. Nokia User says:

    A cuddle, my mind fuddles
    A cuddle for life’s hurdles
    Our plans may get scuttled
    But our cuddles cure my shudders
    You’re the cream in my butter
    Smooth, silky, no one else’s smoother
    Love me jeje, love me bebe
    All things go
    Our cuddle’s not a thing
    Its eternal, makes the world’s swing slow
    Back and forth, on and on
    It is our cuddle that gives me hope
    The hope of sisyphus

  6. nerdy says:

    Hmmm. Pretty nice. Didn’t know Dolu wrote poetry. There’s nothing that delights me more than cuddling, even though I hate to admit it.

  7. awizii says:

    punching bag ey? *Moves on like nothing happend*

  8. verb says:

    Impressed as usual.. MisDuro has doubt, too easy

  9. Kemmiiii says:

    Ok I understand it! Before I fall my hand again!*rme*

  10. MsDuro says:

    1st off, Orijesu thanks for the opportunity… I totally enjoyed writing for your blog and maybe I could write again… Yea, this is me begging… X_x

    Thanks everyone for your comments they are much appreciated… Looking forward to reading constructive criticism from you guyz also… πŸ˜€

    @Nerdy, well I didn’t know that myself…

  11. 0laToxic says:

    So poetry is trending on blogs now abi? Konjified one for that matter. The one wey Vick and Koro do last nyt never do una, una come bring all dese ones again… *heavy sigh*

    Anyways sha, I feel MsDuro’s piece weller. Efe, u try small… But wait o, you let her beat you with punches, you let her beat you with words, even her love beat ya own, are you not finished?! *exits scene shaking head solemnly*

  12. God! I wish I wasn’t such a cynic. I resonated. Good work. Clean, lucid, succinct & tasteful

  13. @Qurr says:

    These things are too deep for cuddle-aholics like myself 😦

    Brilliant writing, you both.

  14. MsDuro says:

    Verb, thank you… And you have it in you also….

    Olatoxic, thank you…

    Qurr, abi ooooo… After seeing his poem, I wanted to cuddle, and just thinking about it pushed me to write… I love cuddling… I’m a proud cuddle-aholic.

    Orijesu, I saw that comment ooooo…

  15. terdoh says:

    Violence is never the answer.

    *erases the punching bag line*

    Wait. Wait! Why do I feel like you’re talking about sex? Ehn?? Hmmmm

    *puts the line back*

    As you were.

  16. @datguytomi says:

    Nicee, impressed

  17. Omar says:

    Brilliant… usual nice one Duro

  18. In your arms, I’m safe and warm
    Unconcerned about the storm
    Your chest, my pillow
    Your heartbeat, my lullaby
    You’re there to soothe me when I cry
    Your skin, a canvass for my imaginary art
    Your fingers combing through my tangled up hair
    Our unspoken love happily fills the air
    Intertwined, we’ll stay the night
    Lock away our worries and our fear
    Because when we wake, we’ll both be here

  19. opkins says:

    *clears throat* dolu whts d inspiration behind this *side eye* ..there is a story Very nice write up πŸ˜€

  20. MsDuro says:

    Terdoh *sigh* errrr… Never mind

    Tomi & Omar, thanks a lot…

    Opkins, I could tell you the story over lunch, so find that recipe book…

    Remi Olutimayin, I’m humbled by the fact that you consider my work good… You are a great writer

    Cece, *sigh* you killed it… You put the bow on the present… Nice one

  21. I love the way the lines flow into each other,this poetry is beautiful!

    As for the romance…all I can allude this to is a down-filled pillow shikena 😐

  22. Randomme says:

    I want to be your late nights and early mornings,
    I want to hold you when you are cold,
    Fill you with my warmth,
    Soothe you with my caresses,

    And as I drift into silent slumber,
    I have no fear,
    Because I know you’ll be here,
    Till the dawn and after,
    Holding me,
    Never letting me go,
    My pillar,
    My strength,
    My heartbeat.

  23. iamsamsie says:

    Awww,randomme I like that…

  24. dehinsilu says:

    Punching bag eh?! Ok now!

  25. Randomme says:

    @iamsamsie thanks.

  26. afrosays says:

    Shey you know I have no bed? Will you share my ragged mat?
    I have no rest for my head. I have no standing fan.
    Shey you know?
    I have dreams, only. And a broad chest. And a roll of insect-eaten ankara to cover you.
    Shey you know?
    We cannot cuddle in this heat. No not tonight.
    Sleep. Let’s do that in our dreams.

    Killed it!

  27. *sniff* .. *sniff* … Quit making a thug like me get all emotional & what not… Nice 1 dear.. πŸ™‚

  28. sheSays says:

    And the heat from the love above,
    Engulfed in me in a feeling I cannot fathom
    Of completeness, of indescribable joy
    Just knowing that someone could feel this way about cuddling
    And yet, I have always found a way to deprive you
    C’mere my love
    And let us cuddle and make merry.

    I looove this piece, I looove this….the way they just flow into each amazing. Nice one. Oh! And the lady beat u hands down πŸ˜€

  29. cogitationsofme says:

    I will share your ragged mat,
    I will share your insect eaten ankara,
    I will be the place where you rest your head,
    And it doesn’t matter that mosquitoes make our bodies their special feast,
    It doesn’t matter that we are the only audience at their special concert,

    What matters is that,
    You’ll be in my dreams,
    And here still when I awaken,
    Even when our ragged mat is rolled up,
    And our insect eaten ankara is folded up,
    We’d be together still,
    Regardless of place,time,circumstance.
    In my thoughts, my dreams and my reality.

  30. cogitationsofme says:

    Lol!thanks πŸ˜€

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