The 80-year old Teenager

I see in this poem so many of the fears I have as a man. I think I had better resign myself to them and face them like a man. No? Oh well. This is written by Dare @theDharkone our latest poet on this blog…Enjoy…


He sits in the mahogany rocker.

His face to the sun

He cricks arthritic fingers

He rubs wrinkled skin

He remembers…

Turning sixteen

Drugs. Girls. Music.

The milestone eighteenth

Sex. Blood. More drugs. fights.

The twenty-first birthday

Tripping on acid. Bashing his father’s car. Escaping death.

He remembers…

His first true love.

Her laugh. Her skin. Her smile.

The Wedding.

Laughter. Cake. His late mother-in-law.

The First child.

His screams. Her blood. His tears.

He remembers…

The Fear.

The first grey hair.

His son’s deepening voice.

His wife drifting away.

The pain.

His slowing heartbeat.

His son leaving home.

His wife’s tears

The End…

Sitting in his rocking chair.

His first grandchild.

His wife’s death.

He sinks into the inky darkness

“Wake up!” he hears. His eyes open.

The old man stands over him.

He rises from his grandfather’s mahogany rocker,

Leaving the fear of life behind

Tomorrow he turns twenty

Life has just begun.


24 thoughts on “The 80-year old Teenager

  1. Kemmiiii says:

    Hmm..I really dont get poems…but did he die or what?

  2. phantompages says:

    Simple and subtle…I’m not really good at analysing poems so I’d just say this was really good..I wonder why he’d remember his mother in law though lol

  3. Dhark says:

    One of my most ambitious pieces. The boy has an overactive imagination sha!. 🙂

  4. My Dare is all grown up and writing poetry. I’m proud of you.

  5. afrosays says:

    The verb, remembers in the first paragraph made it seem more like memory than what it really is, a fear of the future.
    I would side with Kemi on not getting it till I read Lagos Hunter’s comment.
    The verb, remembers…

  6. Seyi says:

    I love this poem for its simplicity and also its brevity. Good one, Dare.

  7. edgothboy says:

    I do this a LOT. But my gramps is dead so my mom has to kick me back to reality. *sigh* Dare, why so worried? Bravo!

  8. Dhark says:

    @afrosays Lets just say, he aged himself in that rocker and turned 80 in his mind. Hence the ‘remembers’, he’s first puts himself in an eighty year old’s shoes and then remembers. 🙂

  9. Terdoh says:

    I wish I could ‘see’ my future like this.

  10. Honey_wealth says:

    Hmm… The fear of the unknown

    Some things you cannot change, but till you try you’ll never know. take the leap.

  11. kovieparker says:

    I fink dis wuz quite gud. iLike!

  12. ibetapassmynebo says:


  13. Kachi @SIREradical says:

    WOW! Wonderful Piece… I Never Knew You Were This Talented…. And I Really Wish I Culd See My Future Like This… Nice One.. Bravo!

  14. sheSays says:

    I love this poem…the insight into his future ish is simple and yet original and classic….lucky dude, I bet he’s on the way to correcting or at least trying to correct all his errors….again, wonderful piece.

    @SIREradical reads blogs???? Cooool!

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