Bloody Depression

So today is Amy Nwunye’s birthday (@ibetapassmynebo) and I felt it would be a good gift to host her in our Poet’s Corner for a day. This poem hints at why women may be so difficult to understand. (in my twisted, naive interpretation). Enjoy!!!!





Woke up on this cold dewy thursday morning

Confused….lost…desperately searching for what was wrong

Looked out of my window, saw a lady, with her hair neatly packed up, a lady in white…A nurse…depression


A man, in uniform, physically fit, tall, definitely not handsome…a security guard…depression


Staring at this tall tree, its specie…I do not know…I dont even care…
Nothing….I felt nothing…complete shutdown…emotions muted

Looked further, saw nothing…heard a very unpleasant sound coming close…closer…the gardener…mowing…depression

The lawn mower screeching…depression

Looked down…looked out of the window for the last time….I saw him….yes…. Muscular…dirty…fierce…dirty….loud mouthed…..dirty…..he…the mechanic

Depression…..raised to the power of infinity
A confederation of emotions Depression…the mechanic
Dirty….my dream job….a mechanic
He had it….I didn’t….the mechanic

His stained overall….my jumpsuit
His dirty nails… red acrylic
His spanner….my montblanc pen
His slippers….my louboutin
His scattered afro… braids
His body odour… prada’s infusion
His burnt out skin… supple SPF 100 protected skin…
The mechanic….my depression
My dream….my first love

Heavy knock on the door
Bringing me back to reality
Sharp pain on the lower torso
Pain….sharp pain….hurting
Pain….the rush…blood rush
My monthly flow
the latent source



16 thoughts on “Bloody Depression

  1. Berry says:


  2. malota says:

    Interesting… I agree that this gives an insight into why we can’t understand them.

  3. Afrosays says:

    I do not pretend. I tried but I didn’t get all of it. I’m sorta thinking that was th point? That women are just fucked up because of nature’s compulsory bleed?

    Btw, did she want to be a mechanic once? Am I missing something?

    • highlandblue says:

      You actually got the point by not getting the point. I do not believe it is possible to understand how a woman’s mind works sometimes. Especially at SOME times. And so you struggle, just like us all. I didn’t get some parts either. šŸ˜¦

  4. Nice!In trying not to write like a writer,you ended up writing like one.
    These days blogs make it easy for people not to think…I understood this one šŸ™‚

  5. jael says:

    Period cramps.. Undiluted pain is what it is.. I can assure you. Made me consider that sex change thing when I was younger.. So yea, I totally get the point..

    Nice though.. šŸ™‚

  6. 0latoxic says:

    NOW, I get it. And only thanks to ms Jael….

  7. slimsiren says:

    I got the point, and I like the style of the poem.

  8. hrh7 says:

    @afrosays, women are not fucked up, sometimes or even at all. Confused, some of us are. But NEVER fucked up! Ok?

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