To Feel Nothing

Marie writes about love for someone we cannot have. We all have felt this way one way or another. But few people say it as well as she does. Enjoy!!!  @Call_MeMarie




every day we pass each other

like ships in the night

our sails never touching.

our waves never skimming.


some days we turn,

like we felt a breeze

of the other passing

but who is to know?


i look behind.. and i see nothing.

you look behind… and you see leaves blowing.

what just happened?

who is to know.


one day we stopped.

looked straight into each other’s eyes

i saw cold, hard stone.

i saw the wear of a thousand years.

i saw the dirt blow away.


you saw my eyes. blue and filled with longing.

you saw the tear that fell.

you saw the pain.

you saw the hurt.

but you felt nothing.


because every day, it is your grave i pass.

it is your tombstone i see. cold, hard stone.

you feel nothing for me.

because you are gone.

so once again, i pass you.

ships in the night.

our sails never touching.

our waves never skimming.

*for those we lost*

*for those we will yet lose*


38 thoughts on “To Feel Nothing

  1. awizii says:

    Awesome….simply awesome…

  2. ibetapassmynebo says:


  3. d3ola says:

    Simple but beautiful
    The twist was unexpected
    I love this

  4. Anonymous says:

    l love poems,definately love this one.Its cool

  5. Lagos Hunter says:

    LH was here, like a ship in the night
    And he might be back like a thief in the night…………

    ¯\..(•. • )../¯

  6. amina says:

    Lovely piece…love d twist

  7. malota says:

    I love it… 😦

  8. tinymadamie says:

    Aww, 😦 I ddnt realize one ws dead

  9. BragginRightz says:

    So so touchin’.

  10. kemmiiii says:

    Awesome! Just lovely!

  11. georgeenah says:

    I love!continuous flow that kept me reading.Thumbs up Marie.

  12. EyeVee says:


  13. alahyor says:

    Wow… *raises glass* to the ones we’ve lost!

  14. Slim says:

    Touching! *sniff*
    Such a quiet, sad poem.

  15. cikk0 says:

    You and Cece have conspired to dampen my morning with your well_written but ultimately depressing fare… tis well.

  16. Anonymous says:

    A tribute to lost loved ones.. Good one

  17. leonmacedon says:

    A tribute to lost loved ones.. Good one

  18. Ekwe says:

    ah. a poem other than awizzi’s that I can abide. nice.real nice.I was hooked. the twist was made me go back up to the previous stanza. eya.hooked. the twist was made me go back up to the previous stanza. eya.

  19. Samson says:

    interesting, the moribund nature of the object in question is shown in the succinct style of the poem, I love the nature of feeling the “leaves blowing” gestates, it provides a chill associated with the very nature of sadness. line 16 “I saw the wear of a thousand years” metaphorically provides an hint that the object of this poem was loved. Nice, I hope you don’t mind my analysis, i write poems too.

  20. SugarMartini says:


  21. jael999 says:

    *sigh* No words.. *blows nose*

  22. misTYbikers says:

    awww dis is so beautiful…thumbs up

  23. kovieparker says:

    Lovely! Sad buh lovely.. Wen it comes to poetry, some pple hv it nd odaz don’t. Marie most has it!

  24. Edgothboy says:

    Awwww! She finally felt comfortable enough to post it. Loved it when I first read it. Still love it now.

  25. A.D says:

    simply beautiful, classic *blows nose* 2our lost lovd ones, *blows some more*

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