Only a Little Prick

So finally I get an article from a guest writer. Kovie ( is here to bring some female spice to 19th Street and I do hope she can keep visiting her room here more often. Enjoy!!


They said “You’ll only feel a prick, just one prick and it’ll all be over”. After the pain will come the feeling of satisfaction, the deed is done! Just one prick; like the nurses would say before they gave that injection. It never felt like just a prick. After days and sometimes weeks of suppressing the symptoms just so mama wouldn’t find out, the malaria finally wins and you have to make that inevitable trip to the hospital. First they tease you with the cool feel of the stethoscope as the man in glasses looks over you from what seems like under his nose, a little poke here and there as mama watches keenly, concern in her eyes. Then this man in white overalls, looking like an angel but actually sent from the world beyond to inflict pain on defenseless victims, sits down to write down his verdict and your sentence. As he passes the white slip to mama, you know your fate is sealed. “Just a little prick and it’ll all be over”, the nurse says as she prepares her instrument of pain. As the needle pierces your skin, the scream forms somewhere in the back of your head and somehow forces its way through your mouth as the pain shoots all over your body. You have no control over it. There’s no feeling of satisfaction after, the effect leaves your legs paralyzed, except that by some miracle, you can still walk.


“Don’t be a chicken, after the first shot of pain the feeling is priceless”, the other children at the stream say to you as you stand on the bank of the stream on that cold harmattan morning. “Jump in”, they say. Finally, you give in and dive into the icy cold water. Ten thousand swords pierce through your entire body in a second. As you make your way out of the water, you’re shaking and shivering, your teeth clicking to the rhythm as your entire body sings from the pain. Guess who’s still a chicken.


Oh and don’t forget what they say about childbirth, “Just a little pain and when the baby comes it’ll all be worth it”… Well, let’s just say it doesn’t look like a little pain to me. As she lies in bed screaming her head off, her legs spread from here to Timbuktu, more screaming, and then a head the size of “felele football” forces its way out of a hole the size of a peephole… Definitely not a little pain!


All these images flash through my mind’s eye as I lay very still, expecting the worst. Then their words taunt me: “It’ll only be a little prick” they say. “Be a big girl, you’ve come of age”. “All the girls have done it”. “One prick and it’ll all be over”. “Just one prick”! “There may be very little blood or none at all”. “Come on don’t be a chicken”. I make up my mind to block the pain, to go numb, I close my eyes, force my mind to shut down. Then I feel it, from somewhere far away I feel the prick. I wait for it, for the pain. I want to scream, but nothing comes. Just a prick and it is over. As she passes the mirror to me, a smile finds its way to my lips, then a big grin as I look at the second piercing on my ear lobe.

For the first time, they were right. It was indeed just a prick. The feeling after, priceless!


39 thoughts on “Only a Little Prick

  1. 0latoxic says:

    Okay, I can’t lie, I was had! Was just waiting for the allusion to sex and the loss of virginity to surface.
    Piercings?! Ha ha! Nice one there!! *doffs hat*

  2. I thought it was going to be her first time. 😦 And the piercing thing is so true! It’s just a prick, and then awesomeness.
    Unless you’re me, and you get an infection that causees a keloid. *sigh*
    I want ribena

  3. Anonymous says:

    No no no no… tis post wasn’t supposed to end like this. 😦 Got me waiting for a description of her first time. loved d suspense.

  4. Tomboxe says:

    One word. Anticlimax.

  5. Slim says:

    All kinds of thoughts in head, only to find out it was piercings 😦 I’m hurt! Nice 🙂

  6. ThinkTank! says:

    We’ve been hoodwinked! Cant help but admire the dribble though. Good read

  7. highlandblue says:

    All of you have been starved of sex posts from Cecenostockings blog and you have come here to get your fix? LOL. Sorry na. The sex stories market is already saturated. I’m happy you like the story. Kovie is talented no doubt.

  8. Nutella. says:

    Ha! She had me there. Very lovely read. I love Mondays!

  9. ibetapassmynebo says:

    I knew it had to be the ear lobe….bcos to disvirgin is nt prick….u need a DICK! Not a PIN!

  10. malota says:

    lmaoooooo @ibetapassmynebo comment… very nice..well delivered and yeah u did not notify me on twitter 😦

    • highlandblue says:

      Oga Malota! I have been so busy all day! I haven’t even done the normal round of notifying the twitter elders and powers that be. Sorry! I am happy you liked it. When Ibeta comments, I just laugh. Only a little prick could have two meanings and now I’m blushing at the sexual nature of the title. Only a little PRICK! Ah! Lol

  11. aot2 says:

    Nice, I was fooled for a minute there.

  12. @demmylee says:

    My own second piercing was painful as hell. Twas manual though and the babe was jez plain mean mahn. She coulda numbed the area but NO she was enjoying every bit of the pain she was inflicting on me. Was too eager to do it the right way and yeah twas supposed to be just a little prick. Looking back now, am loving it ofcourse and am even considering a third one bet this time , its gonna have to be done the right way,

  13. @basooh says:

    aaaargh nice very well written . I was actually tinkin it was……

  14. bumzylicious says:

    OMg!! U got me dere! Looool thor she was being disvirgined! Nice one

  15. kiah says:

    Loved it. I want to write like this!!!

  16. msbukonla says:

    My 2nd piercing pained me o! The thing refused to heal and I had to remove the tiny earring and allow it close. It hurt like hell. It was just a little prick and I enjoyed looking uber-glam for some days but e dey pain me inside body.
    Yes, I will get another piercing but not from that lady. Another little prick that must be awesome.
    U had me goin!

  17. MafabaAlaso says:

    Nah! This is definitely not the end, ain’t there going to be a part2. *wakes up* its all over. U got me on this one X_X

  18. tobicomm says:

    Lol. Nice twist. I actually thot of needles, but I was thinking dis person was trying to take like heroin thru injectns for d first time. Don’t knw y dat came to my mind. The title tho…embodiment of double entendre.

  19. Lagos Hunter says:

    Nice post.
    Even nicer cos it was short and to the point.
    I liked the idea of a mother getting a seconf ear piecing.

    It is always one prick that does the greatest damage or brings the seetests joy.

    Somethings are not meant for two or more pricks : )

  20. Kemmiiii says:

    😦 Anticlimax so heart breaking..guess I have to go and bleach my mind!

  21. kovieparker says:

    I cnt believe I’m just reading this… Thank God I’m bck to civilization. Thanx 4 all d comments I’m truly honored. All smilez nd gigglez.

  22. @Qurr says:

    Buahahahaha I love this!!!

    P.S. @ So I never knew you were highlandblue! Nice. First time on your blog. Good stuff 🙂

    • highlandblue says:

      Thanks my Oga. Its just here and I’m trying my best to make it active and regular. Thanks for the motivation. And yes, Kovie is slightly crazy. Today is her birthday too!

  23. unclejevi says:

    She’s my sister too! :p

  24. nini says:

    Yayyyyy! Dats my gal

  25. dizzy says:

    Next tym actually write on sex gaddamnit!!!!nice 1 tho..u l only get better..

  26. Rhiemen says:

    Different subject matters rolled in one. It is what you think and more, it’s left for the reader to hold on to what ever interpretation best suits their mood. Classy!

  27. Rhiemen says:

    Different subject matters rolled into one. It is what you think and more, it’s left for the reader to hold on to what ever interpretation best suits their mood. Classy!

  28. kovieparker says:

    Trust Rhiemen to see the entire picture. Glad to have ur opinion. @highlandblue, she’s my gurl too…lol. Thanx @Nini luv u gurl. @unclejevi I’m following in ur steps big bro. @dizzy thanx 4 d vote ov confidence dear

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